Are you frustrated with life?

Are you frustrated that other people seem to be having more success without putting in the effort that you do?

That other people are just lucky, they’re not working really, really hard, you’re working really, really hard at your business, at your relationships, but other people just seem to have it go their way?

I understand that struggle, and I know where that comes from, and I know how that can change. I’ve gone through situations where I’ve learned to change the experience to my benefit.

At age 11 I was told by doctors, “Your leg is going to have to be amputated, you will never walk again unaided.” But I persevered, went forward, and two years later, with my leg, I’m running, jumping, and became an international stunt actor. I understand the power of the thought you give to you, so you can have success. That’s what I want for you. I want you to experience life to the fullest, without those sabotaging little thoughts, the little ninja thoughts that you take out of success. My name’s Jamie Huney, and I want you to live a life of truth, integrity, and fun.

Do you DARE?

To live your life in  TRUTH, INTEGRITY and FUN?

Lean On US and We Will Get You There!

Take The Honey Dare!