What we’re talking about is your internal thermometer of your thinking. A thermometer … For example like your thermostat, really, the thermostat is set at a certain level. And then if you go a little above that, it’ll drop down. If you go a little below it, it’ll bring it back up. So you have a thermostat set for what you believe is possible in your health, your wealth and your relationships.

For instance, if your thermometer is set at $5,000 per month of income, then what that means is that you might go a little above that one month, a little below that, but it’s gonna average at about $5,000 a month. So if you’re not breaking through, it could be that ninja thought that’s keeping your thermometer where you’re comfortable.

Yeah, it’s not so much the external circumstances that are holding you where you’re at, it’s the internal thermostat of thinking that’s holding you where you’re at. But you will justify it by the external evidence that you observe based on your beliefs.

Absolutely. So I love this representation of the thermometer. It is 72 degrees out here.

It’s early in the morning.

We’re loving it. The sun’s coming up, it’s a beautiful day. So we’re here to talk to you about where is your thermostat at? Where is your comfort zone? Anything that we want, any time that you’re wanting to break through … like they talk about breaking out of that box … it’s breaking out of that comfort zone of where your temperature is set at. So we want to try to set your temperature higher or set your temperature better or set your temperature for more money or more success or better relationships or better health.

Robert Kiyosaki talks about this a little bit, too, his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” The two different dads had different ways of thinking, and they instilled those different ways of thinking into their son, who observed both ways of thinking. A rich mindset is thinking about how much more money can I make? And a poor mindset is thinking how much money is this gonna cost me? But it’s the same opportunity. It’s the same situation. So we want to look at that internal thermostat. If you see other people making more, getting more, having more, it’s because they have a different thermostat set in their thinking.

Exactly. And you know, we talk about this a lot with our ninja thought in our program, because basically what we want to help you identify is what is that thought that’s keeping you set at comfortable? What is that thought that is stopping your success or sabotaging you from having great success?

Having great success. So, yeah, let’s all have a little bit more of what we want. I’m Jamie. For me, life is about truth, integrity and fun. So let’s have more of all of that.

And I’m Amy Honey and I believe in you. Lean on my belief in you until you believe in yourself.

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