How To Get UnStuck in 2 Simple Steps

Do you ever feel stuck?

For me, being stuck, or feeling like I’m not moving forward is one of the worst feelings in the world.   I can’t stand being stagnant.   Or ‘feeling’ stagnant.   For me, frustration builds up and then I seem to be in a never ending swirling cycle down.   The more I sit in that ‘stuck’ feeling, the worse it gets.

So, how do we get ‘unstuck’?   The funny thing is, it’s really much, much, easier than we think. The biggest problem is that when we are in that downward spiral, we are most likely spiralling down because we are focused on what we can not control.   When focused on what we can’t control, we stay in a cycle of what ifs that may actually never happen, and that keeps us stuck at where we are at right then.

For me, being stuck, or feeling like I’m not moving forward is one of the worst feelings in the world.   I can’t stand being stagnant.   Or ‘feeling’ stagnant.   For me, frustration builds up and then I seem to be in a never ending swirling cycle down.   The more I sit in that ‘stuck’ feeling, the worse it gets.

So, how do we get ‘unstuck’?   The funny thing is, it’s really much, much, easier than we think. The biggest problem is that when we are in that downward spiral, we are most likely spiralling down because we are focused on what we can not control.   When focused on what we can’t control, we stay in a cycle of what ifs that may actually never happen, and that keeps us stuck at where we are at right then.

So, what Jamie and I do, and we actually ask each other these questions, we go back to ‘what do you want?’.   So, that’s actually step one. What do I want? Just simply asking ourselves that question gets us thinking differently? So, for instance, Jamie left his cell phone in the Uber. So, he could have focused on all the things that could go wrong with his day if he didn’t get his cell phone back, but, rather than focusing on that, he asked himself, ‘What do I want?’. The answer was, I want to get my cell phone back.

Then comes part 2, which is very simple, it’s one more question. The question is, ‘how can I get it?’ or ‘what do I need to do to get what I just said I wanted?’.

That is it in a nutshell! Two simple steps to help us get unstuck.   You know, sometimes just even moving, or making a move will get us unstuck! So, if you are wallowing in stuck, make a move, any move! You know, just like when a cat gets stuck in the tree ……. all he had to do was make a move! He got up there he can get back down.  So, make your move …… Jump up and down, do burpees, do jumping jacks, walk from one room to the other, just absolutely do something! Make a phone call, water your plants, and then ask yourself two questions to get unstuck.

1. What do I want? 2. How do I get it? Or What Do I Do To Get It?

And then get into action!! Stay healthy!!!

Why Diets Don’t Work

So, below I used temi to transcribe this video, and with Jamie’s serious goofing around, some of it might not make sense!! LOL!!


Hi, I’m Amy. I’m Jamie and we’re Honeys Health and Humor and we’re just starting out our podcast. It’s going to be a quick one today. Like normal. We’re going to go about 25 minutes. And we’re talking about why diets don’t work, why diets don’t work.

I’m slowing it down. For those who don’t listen at the same speed that you speak. Hello everybody we’re going to be talking about or window. It’s done working today. On the other hand is health and humor. I’m amy honey and this is jamie honey over here. Just sitting and quietly next to me.

Yeah, she’s excited about it. She gets so excited about explaining to people a simple little tip that’s going to change your life right now because diets don’t work. Now we talked about the word diet by the definition of it. The diet, meaning that which you consider it your diet being old. That’s called your diet, but so many people use the word in the sense of, oh, this diet and the Oriental. Here we go first. I got so much I want to say.

Well, just finish. Have you tried this? This is. No, I haven’t. What is it just taking a little time? Well, that’s actually really nice. It’s actually, um, I’m from a pineapple. Is it kind of Okra? It’s from Tijuana and it’s a, you can get it at starbucks but you can go to the star and there’s no caffeine in it and it’s very, very minimal calories. Delicious. And it’s basically a tropical holiday for my mouth. And so nice and warm. And Jenny’s house?

Yeah. What usually jumps in and takes a seat. And then we asked her a question.

She goes, yeah, we usually bugger to get in here. She knows to why diets don’t work. So what’s happened happening with our diet, what’s happening with our food? What is basically happening is that our food is depleted. What’s depleted of minerals? It’s depleted of vitamins and the same bowl of spinach that we today, if we ate that sense. So if we have that, the same finished 40 years ago, if we ate that today, it would be moldy. It would be more and discussing. No, but it would take us 40 bowls of spinach to get the same vitamins. Minerals in this, in the one bolus finished that we ate four years ago, so our food

is depleted, so basically what he’s saying is 20 to 30 years ago there was 40 times the amount of minerals and vitamins in the food that we ate. So you have to consume a lot more because our food is nutritionally deficient today. Yes.

And then the other problem is, is that we have a lot of food, like it says, you know, like ms dot pseudo food. I don’t even think that Mcdonald’s is all beef,

I think. I don’t think there the need is. I think it’s TVP maybe or it’s fine. That’s a texturized vegetable proteins. I got an ad for some medication for TDP. Must mean something. Something you need to tell me. I’ve come down, Jenny,

usually she’s sitting in her house and we’re doing this in our house and I can’t hear her rolling. So this is actually great for me to know that during our podcast. That’s good. Were at her house today. We’re having a garage sale. Jenny’s and we’re barring Jay’s garage. She’s only charging $50 a month right now. To borrow her garage, but anyway, um, we’re liquidating our, our gym and

it always amazes me when I hear garage sale. OOPS, I want to selling that garage. No, that’s not it. That’s not what we do. And it’s like when they say the bridge is out, I’m like, oh, I didn’t even know the bridge was gay, but I’m glad the is out. I’m an extinction bridge. No, I dunno. Just roadside words coming back to words, full circle diet. The word diet is used incorrectly. People use Diet and they think, oh, I’m going to do a diet for a short period of time to fix my problem, which is I’m overweight, so we’re going to use the Diet to reduce the amount of food on taking in, which means I’m going to reduce the amount of minerals and nutrition, which mean which amy’s already told us is deficient to start with. So we’re going to reduce that which has already reduced and it’s the lack of minerals and it’s the lack of vitamins that we’re taking into our body that is creating all of this side effects which are called healthy and being overweight is one of them.

Being underweight is another, not having enough energy to run, jump, play role. Having poor sleep patterns is all part of being unhealthy. Discomfort in your joints are sore, aches, all those things. Headaches or everything is a reaction to being honest. Healthy. Now, if our body is nutritionally deficient, mineral deficient because of what we’re taking in by what we consume, our body doesn’t have the tools to cure, to fix itself, to heal itself, to take care of itself. So that’s the function to function and just even to function. So we want to look at Diet once where we say diets don’t work. Who is to keep jumping in. She wants to talk. How Amy, I’ll let you to have all that really hurt. Yep. She hit me with her elbow. Ladies and gentlemen in the in the center.

Do my elbow was right here. Like all of a sudden he’s like,

oh, I keep in my elbow here for the rest, I’m going to just show your hands, your witness. There’s a witness. I thought it was just the whole internet void. No sitting here watching this right now. So coming back you get sweaty. I know I’ve been working, so that’s why diets don’t work. We don’t want to look at reducing our intake. We want to look at increasing the nutritional value of what we’re eating and we don’t want to look at it as a time period. We want to look at it from today for the rest of our life because eating healthy means you have a longer, more enjoyable life and that is what we are looking at. That’s why diets don’t want. We don’t want to be looking at doing something, restricting your lifestyle for, hey, I’m doing a three week diet. I’m doing a full week dot.

I’m doing the pretty conduct. I’m doing the no carb, but I’m doing the I’m upside down stuffing food up the nostril. God the Fed in France. No, you all these weird ass diets are ridiculous. You want to look at eating healthy and taking and taking a lifestyle change. So a little bit at a time. So you know, it’s not all or nothing. That’s the problem. That’s how we Jojo. So we go all or nothing. We’re like, I’m dieting and reducing all this food I’m eating. That’s not sustainable. You need to eat. So at some point your body is literally starving. You’re overeating and your body is still starving. That is what is going on with these sites and it makes me crazy. I know it’s absolutely ridiculous because you’re trying to fix a symptom and the symptom is your weight as opposed to look at the cause. You want to look at the root cause because when you addressed the cause, the symptom just fades away on its own accord. But if you just focus on one, I think that’s in a rocky horror picture song or is it a. I think it’s sweet. Transvestite. The song almost sweet from the causing the symptom.

Sing it. Sing. Jenny, you’re our assistance today is our director and our producer today. Jenny, right. Your pictures show reduced. Removed the cause and something. Something anyway, so anyway, we want to look at removing the cost break out into song. I already did. I broke out. I’ve got a rash. It’s my tbp Oh God, that’s the theme today. Textured vegetable protein. Well, protein, vegetable textured vegetable, TVP number. There’s something else that they put in there that’s like pink slime, fake protein. It’s pink slime. It’s just every. Everything that is an animal is ground up and you know, a lot of their food. But for example, the chicken ones, Google pink slime chicken because they believed shit to make it white again because everything’s ground up everything. And you saw this pink. Everything. Even the, even the hen’s teeth, rare as hen’s teeth get real food from a fast food outlet.

Um, but, but yeah, it’s all ground up. It’s all combined together. Feathers, I don’t know. I really don’t know. But anything that’s considered a protein and protein is in everything you can get you on the tree. There’s protein in it. Bob is not very much protein. So that’s why we want to look at the quality of the protein, the quality of the minerals and the vitamins. And a lot of these minerals and vitamins, you’re getting over the cap. Oh, I’m going to get this. $3, one pill, diet vitamin. Congratulations. It’s going to go in here and out. Sorry about the camera. Can’t go there unless you’re doing a certain procedure anyway, but it goes in here and goes out there because it doesn’t break down and it’s not an organic mineral. It has the inorganic mineral for yourselves to actually be able to access these inorganic fake minerals. It says, oh blah blah, blah blah on the chemistry, but none of that. It’s actually going into your body and you’re like, you’re over there. How come I’m mineral deficient deficient? Because going to mouth doesn’t mean going in the body because it’s an open channel. The mantle mouth down through stomach, intestines out their illness. When you’re looking at that, the rocky horror picture show. But maybe the rain isn’t really to remove the cause, but not the symptom. What’s the song? I see you shiver.

The rain is really to blame. So I’ll remove the cause, not the symptom. And then Janet was, they’re redoing it. My friends did it. Uh, when I got back from Japan now actually doing the show in Brisbane and it was phenomenal. So cool to come back after several years being away and rocket into a theater show within the first week that I was back in August. I’ve been going for three and a half years, nearly four years actually. And then here’s all my friends onstage in Brisbane in the main theater doing. I’m doing the rocky horror picture show. Not Show. This is about why diets don’t work well and that’s because she want to be changing your eating habits step by step. And one of the main things most people do is that under hydrated. So they craving food, but what they’re actually creating is the moisture that’s inside that food.

And here’s the other thing is drink more water. They want food quick. So they’re thinking, I just don’t have time. We have such majorly busy lifestyles. But you know, I’m recently, I’ve been, I’ve been, I love this cooking show. It’s m master chef juniors and it’s these little kids and these little kids are starting with like fresh ingredients. And if you just start with fresh ingredients, that’s the real food. That’s the good stuff. And man, they are cooking. These kids are like amazing and it’s good. It’s delicious because. So that way I know we cooked that way at home and um, one of my favorite meals is a steak with some sweet potato fries and some veggies. And it’s delicious. Yeah, they’re big.

Slice up your sweet potato, nice and thin. Throw it in the oven and maybe a little bit of olive oil, olive oil, maybe a little bit of like seasoning and just better is that at Walmart or safeway or wherever. You can go into the vegetable section and they have them raw sliced for you and they’re crinkle cut, crinkle cut fries, sweet potato fries. And you just make them and they’re delicious. They taste just like fries. They’re awesome. Find yourself a good catch up that’s organic, that doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup. And I was really excited because I was in the grocery store the other day and a high was the highest French’s French’s has already come out. It says on the bottle, no high fructose corn syrup. So people are big, corporate brands are jumping on the no high fructose corn syrup. It’s not. And I’m super excited that these companies are starting to get a little bit more responsible and come in and maybe get rid of some of that stuff. That’s awesome. And I hear that Hans is coming out with one too.

So just a quick recap then you want to eat fresh? Yes, yes. Now how can you tell if I’m the fruit and vegetables? The fresh. What’s the best way? So, um, I usually feel them. Yeah.

And look at him,

right? How do you tell? Well, I found that when you walked through a, the fruit and vegetable. Oh, you can, you can tell pretty easily because if you listen, you’ll hear the Basil Ganglia baby. Oh, you look good. And the onions. So yeah, if the start to give you a couple minutes, they’re fresh. They’re getting fresh with you. Like she back, she feels

we are not going there. I have a tomato and they’re not in a good way to tell him fruit or vegetables. There’s another company that I really, really like, it’s called bountiful and you can go there and I think it’s like 16 bucks and you get the equivalent of you have to pick up in your area is of they pick up in your area, but basically you’re buying direct from the fruit and the farmers. You’re basically, there was no go between. It’s all done with volunteers and stuff and you basically get 30 to $50 worth of vegetables for 16 bucks. Vegetables and fruits. You get 50 percent vegetables, 50 percent fruits and there is an organic option. You can get organic if you want and it’s awesome because you’re basically. It’s basically a food co op credit thing and they’re. They’re delicious and it’s fun because you get weird stuff that you’re like, what’s a heck a, how do I cook this? What I do with this or what other stuff? We’ve got some really fun stuff in there, but a bountiful baskets is a great way to go. If you’re considering your budget and you’re concerned and you can always google stuff on the Internet.

There’s a couple of other things to do. The same thing abound for bargain. That was a full circle does for baskets. There’s a couple different places. Just check out in your local area, a google for your local. Okay. Maria, and find something where you’re getting a bunch of vegetables and then learn how to cook those ones. It’s not as hard as you think it is. When you first started. I like, what am I going to do? Start with something and drink more water.

Yeah, and it’s fun. Like the meal I was talking about earlier where we do veggies. Yeah. And steaks and sweet potato fries. That literally takes us 15 minutes and it’s done and it’s. And we cook enough for the three of us. It’s awesome. It’s a delicious meal. So anyway, so recapping. I’m amy. Honey, this is Jamie Honey. Okay. We’re going to close out our podcast here.

So we’re talking about health in the whole aspect of your life. Why not just about dropping weight, not just about lifting something bigger or moving quicker. It’s health and a healthy mind, healthy attitude, healthy bank balance, healthy experience, healthy joy, healthy body health, and there are five elements to health, attrition, exercise, hydration, sleep and emotional environment. You want to look at all five, get a grip on your life, live longer, live happier.

We’ll see you next time. You can check out amy Jo, or or elite fitness To find out our podcast. I have a happy healthy day.

Better Blood Sugar Control Through Movement

Over 30 million people in the USA were diagnosed with Diabetes according to latest “National Diabetes Report” which was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The majority of the cases were type 2, up in the 90% to 95% range! The other five percent had type 1.

Type 2 being the most common, chances are either you or a friend or a family member has it. Type 2 diabetes results from a gradual loss of insulin secretion by the pancreas, usually also accompanied by insulin resistance. The biggest factor in type 2 diabetes is our lifestyle (or daily habits) such as physical inactivity. Inactivity can cause us to be overweight or obese. Type 2 diabetes makes me so sad when I hear that diagnoses because I know many times it can be preventable. But, that is also the good news since it is preventable.

Some common complications from diabetes include kidney diseases, heart problems, blindness, and neuropathy. We can definitely improve the glucose control and eventually minimize the complications along with it. The key to proper diabetes management is to control the blood sugar. The research said that there are many ways to ensure better control but one proven strategy recommended is by doing a regular exercise recommended to keep blood sugar levels in balance. (Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine). Did you know that even a single exercise session can improve the glucose control for up to 48 hours? Short term bouts of 20 minutes can also improve the insulin action for 24 hours. So you can see the importance of practicing daily exercise routines, and you may see wonders in managing blood glucose!

There are some given guidelines to exercise which diabetic people can follow, here are some; (1) Regular moderate to high volumes of aerobics exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes per week could do magic for those with type 1 and type 2. It is also said that by increasing the cardiorespiratory fitness it can decrease the insulin resistance at the same time improved the lipid and blood pressure. (2) Resistance training for 2 to 3 days per week can improve glycemic control, fat mass, strength, blood pressure, insulin resistance and lean body mass.

Note that it is also important for those sedentary individuals to know that prolonged sitting can also do wonders for control of blood sugar level. A good start is to begin increasing unstructured physical activity. Either increasing it to 15 minutes light walking and body weight resistance like squats every 30 minutes after the meal. If still manageable, an additional of 15 minutes of bouts is also an effective way to increase activity throughout the day.

It has been explained by the American Diabetes Association that the adoption and maintenance of the daily physical activity are very critical for blood glucose control and overall health condition of those with diabetes. It is also very important to make sure that each exercise is tailored based on the individual needs and goals because the blood glucose management is dependent on different factors. As always, it is very important that we see a doctor before jumping in any type of exercise.

Visceral Body Fat – The Scary Fat

Hi, Amy here with health and wellness news. I am here to talk about Visceral Body fat, do you know what that is? It’s not the subcutaneous fat around the hips and thighs. That is the surface fat. Visceral body fat is the fat around the belly, and it’s deep. It is actually impacted fat around the organs. It’s harder than subcutaneous body fat. And, It’s much scarier and dangerous than we previously thought. Visceral body fat has been associated with an increase of risks for a number of different health problems including type 2 diabetes.

It’s not just linked to muscle loss, but, bone loss as well. And the even scarier part is skinny people can have an excess of visceral body fat and not even know it. It can go totally undetected. Fortunately, we can combat this body fat with a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition. Feel free to drop by Yelm Bootcamp and get a body fat test free of charge. You can get a free consultation from one of our health and fitness coaches, to help point you in the right direction.

How Do You Lose Visceral Fat?
1. Cut out all trans fats from your diet.
2. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol.
3. Do resistance training.
4. Do high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
5. Improve your metabolism. (Your hormone profile).
6. Keep your stress levels under control.
7. Get better sleep!
8. Stay Hydrated
9. Healthy Nutritional Cleansing

In the Honey DARE, We talk a lot about the 5 elements of health. Exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and emotional environment. Keeping these 5 elements of health will help you greatly tackle that tough visceral body fat.

How To Get Rid Of Visceral Body Fat

What It Takes to Transform With Jamie Honey

The first time Jamie Honey went to do a wall ball at Yelm Bootcamp (now Elite Fitness Zone and The Honey DARE), it wasn’t pretty. In fact, he says, “It was terrible. It was a light weight and you’d barely see me move it more than an inch. But that was where I had to start.”

At 310 pounds, the former international stuntman was wrestling with knee pain, back pain, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath. It was a struggle just to tie his shoes, and invitations to go out angered him because he was confronted by not having any clothes that fit.

A little over a year later he’s dropped 107 pounds, gone through the process to become a trainer at Bootcamp, and feels like a different person. “I feel just like when I was twenty,” he says. “I’d just finished university and thought, ‘I can do anything. I can travel the world.’ I feel that way again at age 46, when at age 43 I’d totally given up on me. The possibility of being able to do anything I want physically is great.”

He got here through embracing all of the knowledge his wife, Bootcamp and Elite Fitness Zone owner Amy Honey, made available, acting on it, and shifting his mindset with a little help from the larger Bootcamp community. The key, he says, was wanting to change.

“I was in a state of extreme frustration with my life,” he says. “My blood pressure was so high that I was told, ‘You can’t get your teeth cleaned. You’re a health risk.’ One day I was told, ‘We’re going to call an ambulance for you because your blood pressure is too high to drive.’ That’s when I knew I wanted to treat, not the symptom of being overweight, but the cause, which was my overall health.”

In the beginning, even with the best of intentions, he resisted what he was learning. “I started doing what Amy told me, but I would try to find out that she was wrong,” he says. “She would ask me, ‘What’s more important to you: believing you’re right or getting the results you want?’ I had to give up on believing I was right about certain things when there was other information that would help me achieve my result.” That included advice he’d gotten from other trainers during his stuntman days in Japan, Australia, and Indonesia among other places.

After he’d lost the first forty pounds, Jamie changed his thinking in one critical area: food. “I realized that there were certain ways that I was living that I had to give up,” he says. “At first, the thinking was ‘I have to give this up because I need to lose weight.’ Then, a shift happened where it became, ‘I don’t want that because that’s not healthy.’”

As an example, he loved root beer, but when he found out about its chemical and sugar content, his enthusiasm dimmed. “I don’t do meth, I don’t do cocaine, so why would I do soda?” he asks. “Why would I do fast food when there’s no nutritional value in it and a whole lot of chemicals that undermine my health?”

Amy got to see the epiphany firsthand. “In that moment, he shifted from ‘I can’t have that’ to ‘I don’t want that,’” she says. “It was a quick shift. As soon as he shifted that mindset, the weight just flew off of him. It was a little light bulb had switched on. It was amazing to watch.”

The supportive community at Elite Fitness Zone also played a role in his transformation. Remember that first wall ball? “From the beginning, other people were encouraging me and congratulating me for putting in effort, not judging the quality of what I was doing,” he says. “The fact that I was here and putting in the effort was something they could support. That made it enjoyable to come back.” He started coming two days a week, then increased to three, five, and eventually six. “It built and built,” he says.

These days, his life is quite different from where he started. “I have unlimited energy. I sleep throughout the night. I’m flexible, I’m lifting things, I can run and jump,” he says. “My mood has improved so much, but even more, I now see a future where I didn’t realize I wasn’t before. I was just living through a life of ‘have to’: have to get up, have to go to work, have to do this. Now I’m so focused on where I am today and what’s possible for me in the future that it almost seems like a different life.”

So what would he say to anyone who’s where he used to be? “Absolutely anything is possible, but you’ve got to want to change to achieve it,” he says. “You can’t sit back on the couch going, ‘That’s not possible for me.’ You actually have to do something. When people say, ‘I’m too old,’ no. You’re too old with your thinking. You’re not too old for the possibility, because anybody can change.” It all starts with a wall ball.


Jamie Honey

Why Your Corporate Wellness Program Isn’t Working

We have all heard about the benefits of a corporate wellness program, but, what we don’t know is that at times it isn’t working to the maximum the benefits for the company health. The whole idea behind corporate wellness is that happy healthy employees make a happy healthy company. And the health of the company encompasses everything, including it’s financial health.

1. Biggest Loser Type Contests – Many corporations will put on ‘weight loss’ type contests, however, this doesn’t always benefit the masses. Not everyone has the same goals and the same dreams. Not everyone wants to lose weight, so, this can leave some of your employees out of the loop.

2. Saving Money on Corporate Wellness – The whole point of a corporate wellness program is for you to save money. When employees miss work because of illness, it costs the company money, which effects the corporate health. When employees spend a ton of money on health care, that can cost the corporation money as well with increased insurance rates. So, these ‘competitions’ don’t inspire people to actually get healthy. It just inspires them to lose weight for a moment.

3. Corporate Wellness Program – When people are competing with each other, even though it can be a ‘friendly’ competition, sometimes it doesn’t promote team building. It doesn’t get every one to participate. Many times, your ‘at highest risk’ employees will feel like it’s too far out of reach, so, they won’t even try.

the Honey DARE with Amy Honey and Jamie Honey With the Honey DARE (D.esign A.lign R.emind E.veryday), we teach your employees how to make small changes, based on daily habits. Changing little habits ends up in really big results. It’s a fun way that brings your entire team together, and even gives you a bit of social media awareness for your company while donating to charity. It’s fun, it’s innovative, and it’s different than any other corporate wellness program you’ve ever seen.