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Okay, welcome back! And here we are… Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are super happy to have you. Hi, Keen! Keen Walker, welcome we’re glad that you made it!

Tonight we have some really, really fun stuff in store for you. Hi, Tracey Honey! Now Jamie, every time you guys comment, Jamie is putting your name is The Honey Dare Bucket! 

We have..


Tracey Honey you’re in there


We have Gratful For Lif…


Keen walker you’re going in there!

It’s The Gratful For Lif clothing company and I’m so excited to explain to you what this company is about. We’re going to be giving away t-shirts tonight! We’re going to be giving away some fridge magnets and some wristbands and some really fun stuff.

Thank you Mary Ame! Mary Anne loves the, loves the song. Yes Tracey, you did 

win the hose! Yes.

And Josevie Jackson you’re in there ..

Josevie Jackson, yay! Welcome!

Yes, Tracey, you won the gadren hose last week. That was really really fun! We got to give that to you so we are shipping that out. It might already be on the way, but we already have your address.


No, I haven’t taken it to the post office.


Oh, we haven’t taken it to the post office. So..


It’s almost on the way!


Yeah, so you did win. Congratulations! And this week people are winning t-shirts. Let me grab the t-shirts real quick.. show you what you guys are winning. This company is called Gratful For Lif and they’re also behind us here, Gratful For Lif. 


if you slide out for a second they can quickly read that 


Yep, go ahead and read it to them.


Grateful for Lif, realizing that even in the darkness of struggle and loss, you can find love and light through being grateful. Appreciation for every day: GFL.


Gratful For Lif and the cool thing, you guys, if you just spend just 10 minutes a day in the energy 

of love and gratitude you can actually increase your immune system and this is 

something that’s been scientifically proven. This isn’t just mumbo jumbo, it’s actually scientific.


Hello, Dawn!


H, Dawn welcome welcome! We’re glad you guys made it. Thank you guys for coming, we’re gonna have a lot of fun..


You’re in the drawing Dawn.


Dawn you just got entered into the drawing. We’ve got two t-shirts to give away tonight. So, 

there’s going to be two winners tonight for Gratful For Lif clothing. This company is so cool. It was founded out of a friend of ours and she, it was her niece that was diagnosed at a very young age with a disease…  Let me just read this to you real quick.

So, I’ll read you how it got started. So, GFL..  and oh and you guys 

go to Instagram go to GLF1229. Type it in, I’m going to type it in Instagram GFL1229. So, if you go there you guys. It is one of the best Instagrams if you need some uplifting right now. They have the most uplifting stories on there and I’ll read a couple of them to you tonight. 

I’m very, very excited about this particular company. I’m actually I’m wearing one of the shirts

and this is really cool, you can read the back of it Jamie, the back of the shirt..


The back of the shirt says.. what I just read! Yeah, Gratful For Lif mindset realizing that in the darkness of struggle and loss you can find love and light through being grateful. Appreciation for 

Everyday: GFL.


And we really do want to live our lives that way. 


And if you think about it alphabetically, G comes before N so GFL definitely comes before NFL.

Amy: ooooh.


i mean, it’s just.. it’s just math 


Look at you making that correlation. 

Okay so, let me just read you.. So GFL is family owned and it was started after someone very special in their lives passed away. So, her niece Alexa passed away when she was 16, but she was born with a metabolic disorder called propionic acidemia, and I might be butchering that name, that led us to losing her way too soon, but not before changing their lives forever and teaching them how to be grateful for life. So they taught her how to be grateful for she taught them how to be grateful for life. 

So the first original t-shirts were made just to wear at Alexa’s memorial service 

because they wanted to honor her in her life in a positive way and so I’m gonna.. it’s gonna choke me up.. So, wearing them made them feel better and they thought that maybe it would comfort other people, too. So, they started this Gratful For Lif clothing company and she said that we all go through difficult times, like now, and we found that being grateful for life allows us to see the love and light through the darkness and the rainbow after the storm. And we’ve found this a lot. 

We’ve, I’ve been a little emotional the last couple days. I’ve been, I’ve been very 

very hurt by the people protesting. It’s been.. it’s really been hard and 

heavy on my heart, because I have friends of mine that works in healthcare and they’re working on the front lines and they’re being forced to have to fight against protesters to get across protester lines, just to go help people and help people to live. And it’s been 

really hurtful because it’s putting my friends in harm. So, I stay positive, but I’m emotional.

Just to recap that situation.. There are people protesting to stay at home… While they’re doing roadblocks that stop the nurses and the medical practitioners actually getting to the hospital, because they’re trying to travel from their home to their place of work and they’re doing like 12-hour days just to try and keep people alive. And nothing against your right to protest or your right to have your own opinion, but when that protest and opinion creates an increased potential level of death in the hospital then you’re being selfish, but you’re not being considerate. 

Do you protest in a big open park where you’re not obstructing people 

getting away and then some of our friends that are being argued with on their social media platform that it’s fake it’s like they’re seeing the death every day so..

So they know it’s not fake. So anyway..  So, I’ve been…  my heart’s been a little heavy about that. And I do come back to gratitude, so I think it’s so important. When I start to..  and the thing that my closest friend keeps reminding me of and she’s in healthcare, Genni, she keeps reminding me that there’s more good in the world.

We’ve literally cried every day and there’s been a time where we cry over the good that we see and when I started reading that that’s where the tears were coming from, it was over the goodness that I see in this company. So.. and that gets me just as emotional and so anyway, yeah. So their hope is that when you put on a Gratful For Lif t-shirt or a hat that it reminds you to be grateful for life, too. And that it feels as comfy on the inside as it does on the outside, I love that, they believe that gratitude heals and spreading gratitude heals us together.

And so we really wanted to focus this next, this whole Facebook live on gratitude and what we’re grateful for and that we’re grateful for you. We’re grateful for every single one of you that comes and watches us. 

Jamie [singing]:

A little latitude for some gratitude in your life that sounds like a song.. 

Sing it Amy!  


i can’t sing that song 

Jamie [singing]:

Every day, I awaken I see some gratitude… 


You will not be..

Jamie [singing]:

If I was younger I wouldn’t be in such a bad mood 

Singing songs and being happy looking for 

imaginary friends 

Gratitude is where it begins and love is where it 

ends, bump!

Everyone, you know the song! Go!


Okay and here’s the interesting thing. Okay, so gratitude.. an attitude of gratitude and your attitude changes everything. And so what was very interesting was right before this, a few hours ago, I shot out a text message to everybody on my text message list. Some of you are here because of that and thank you for showing up, I do appreciate that. Make sure you comment below so that we know that you’re here.


And if you’re on one of the other platforms, media social 

platforms that this is broadcasting to other than the Facebook live at The Honey Dare, come to The Honey Dare at Facebook, message there, write something, write a comment and that’s how you go in the draw.

If you’re doing the comments somewhere else awesome we appreciate it, but here in this Facebook live in The Honey Dare  is where you comment to go into the magical draw to win some prizes.


Exactly, then we’ll know you’re here! So, make sure you comment because we see it on the platform. We’re streaming live to five different platforms right now, so, yeah.  So, if you comment on go to, find us there, comment there. Um, cool..  Dawn said “it’s funny because I just added you as a contact a couple hours before you texted it.” 

I’m glad you did! Yeah, so, it was really funny, because people’s attitudes..  you know, people have the attitude when you text them something. that you’re trying to sell them something or that you’re spamming them or something. And all I was saying was like, hey I’m really grateful we want to talk about gratitude. We want to give away some stuff! Now why do we 

give away stuff on our Facebook lives?


Because I love being santa!


Because we love to give stuff away! And because some companies actually will pay us to give you their stuff just so we talk about their stuff to you guys. Other companies, like GFL, I was super excited to give their stuff away. I, of course, I’m not going to charge a charity to talk about a charity. I want you to know their clothing line is the charity line. 

So, you know,  of course, I’m not going to charge them, but they wanted to give some stuff away for you and just make you aware of their clothing company and so I sent out a text saying that I was grateful. And the amount of people that were kind of, well, not the amount, but there was one lady in particular and she called me back on the phone because if you, if you call the phone that I text from it comes to myself. 


Lisza Crisalle, welcome you’re in the draw.


Yay! Lisza, yay! We’re so happy you made it ! We’re giving away Gratful For Lif t-shirts tonight!

So, anyway, and we’re talking about being grateful and the attitude of being grateful. So, this lady was really funny. So she called me up, and she was about ready, I could tell, she couldn’t remember where we met, she didn’t remember where we met. I remembered where we met. She didn’t remember me. She was like, how did you get my number and she was all ready to just be really mean to me and so what I ended up doing was I was super nice to her.

And then she was kind of floored and she went backwards and she wasn’t able to be mad at me 

right? And so what she ended up doing, was at the very end of it she worked herself up to get mad and then hung up on me and yeah.. 


And it’s it’s how nearly everybody in the world approaches life, they approach a situation 

from an assumption and that assumption has been a correlation of situations in their past that they’ve formed an opinion out of. So a group of experiences in her past created a belief and that belief was the assumption when she called us and she was already worked up into an emotional state about communicating with us.

So, therefore, the communicating on her side was closed and she wasn’t actually hearing what it is we were saying we were saying, it’s free you don’t have to come 

we’re just letting you know there is this element of gratitude that we’re doing tonight and if you want you can come join us and we give away free stuff. Information and physical prizes shipped out to you so that’s that.

That’s about it but being aware when you approach a situation through assumption you are limiting your experience.


Yeah so she limited her experience.

Sheila says, “how did you all get my 

number to text me about your video?”

So, Sheila we met, Sheila. We met at a seminar. We either met at Tony Robbins or we met at a book writing seminar or we might have met at a real estate investing seminar or we might have.. 


You’re in the drawer Sheila.


Or we might have met you at a small business expo..


Amy and I over the last 3-5 years have traveled and worked all over the world, different seminars, different personality… Personality. AH!  Personal development companies as coaches trainers, MC speakers and through that we’ve cut this expanded network of people that have friended us or exchanged phone numbers at some point in time and we’re finally going you know we should have kept better contact with those people maybe this is a way in which we can reach back out and say hey we’re here to share what we were being 

paid for in the past. Give it to you freely, the knowledge, the information, tips that can help you 

through any situation and give away prizes so that’s kind of what we’re doing and it’s fun for us. I feel like Santa claus! 

Especially with being locked in at home I’m starting to get the waistline of 

Santa claus!

Yeah, especially because we’ve been quarantined for a couple months now and we just want to reach out and be able to… Yep so Dawn yeah, we met you at the real estate goddess real estate investors REI. There’s real estate investors, right? Real estate investors REI… 

Oh! yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah weekend.. yeah okay yeah yeah as opposed to the outdoor clothing and sports goods store.

Hi, Bill, Hi Bro!  Good to see you! 

Good to see you. Awesome! So, tonight we are giving away Gratful For Lif t-shirts this company is amazing it started because they had, a friend of mine has a niece named 

Alexa and she was diagnosed at a very young age with a disease. She was only supposed to make it a couple years she ended up living until she was 16. 

Which was wonderful but before she moved on she taught them how to be grateful for life and grateful for today is another day. Grateful for what you do have when we focus 

with gratitude on what we do have that changes the physical chemistry in our body and makes us healthier. So especially when there’s a pain-dabbing a pandemic.. Pen dumb pandemic.. I think that was a SNL Skit,  yeah.

A pandemic, especially when that’s happening, look at the things that you are grateful for every day and how can I add something of value to someone else’s life and it actually makes you happier. Increases your endorphin, increases your T cells, your immune system, serotonin, you actually sleep better.  

That serotonin and dopamine flips into melatonin when the sun drops down behind the clouds. So, there’s actual chemistry that’s changing in your body just by having a thought of gratitude about what you have and it does actually increase your immune system. And when we see good things out in life we level up, and when we see other people doing good things.

You know we see..

When we see other people doing good in life we get reminded that there’s good things and it makes us feel good. Like even just seeing that pay it forward and seeing somebody do an act of kindness for somebody else, we feel that same kindness in our own heart. And think right now we just need it more than ever right now. Guys, go to GFL1229 on Instagram, because some of the stories on there are absolutely amazing if you need something uplifting, this is one of the most uplifting  Instagrams I’ve ever seen! It’s absolutely incredible! 

What are you looking for? 

I was looking to see make sure that I got everybody in 

the draw.

Oh, cool yeah. Look! We got all these people, got all these names in there, all these potential winners we’ve got two t-shirts and we’ve got a couple other things we’re going to be giving away. 

Doing the magical draw and this is my new favorite shirt. It is my color, it’s my 

brand new colors and it’s just beautiful, it’s a great texture. There was an interesting situation 

just up in Canada, up at whistler black home in some one of the big hotels. 

There was a chess tournament and you know with social distancing there’s new rules but there was this chess tournament, a three-day chess tournament. At the end of the first day all the people who had won were in the foyer of the hotel talking about how great their moves were to win the chess tournament and the police had to come in and break it up with the social distancing rules.

Because there’s no boasting of chestnuts in an open foyer!

Ah yes and he does do dumb dad jokes.

So Shelia is great! I’m probably not saying your name correctly, Shelia. Shelia can you put her in the drawing to win? She’s seen another comment, she’s not into real estate. So, we either met at probably a book writing seminar, Tony Robbins, small business expo and it was either in Florida or Atlanta.

But we travel all over the world so it could have been another city, too. But most likely those were the cities, so awesome, thank you!

Josevie,  she gets her name, she said cute shirt Amy! We’re going to be giving away two of these Gratful For Lif shirts. Two Gratful For Lif shirts, they’re awesome.

Josevie Jackson you’re in the draw!

Lynn says that was bad,  yes. 

What do you mean bad? The shirt or the joke? I think you’re referring to the joke. It’s a pun. Puns are actually the unknown medicine of the world. The more puns you share the safer the planet is.

They’re bad dad jokes.

Yes bad dad jokes and if you really want a lot of really bad dad jokes go follow 

him on Tik Tok @JamieHoneyDare it’s a lot of fun. He’s got all kinds and I have gotten so 

addicted to tik tock and I gotta tell you why Tik Tok is a great little creative outlet. It’s also a fun way of sharing just humor moments, dance, inspirational little moments of creativity 

and of all the social media platforms out there, it’s the most positive one. There’s not all these 

negative nancy’s or trolls, you know, harassing as there are in other media platforms so it is a fun little avenue to play with, certainly. 

For anybody out there that wants to have a bit of a creative outlet and the editing software in the um Tik Tok app allows you to do some creative things and then you could save those films on your phone and use it for other social media posts. As well with marketing or getting your brand or name out there, in different ways, yeah. And it was really funny, because I’m speaking of attitude.. This is really cute, I posted a video earlier, because I was like, “hey everybody on Facebook you should stay on Facebook, Tik Tok is really dangerous!”

There’s Trevor Bell he just turns into spider-man for no reason and Karen she’s always embarrassing her kids on there so, you know. Just.. you should just stay on Facebook because people are like for some reason they’re like weirded out about the Tik Tok platform I think, because it’s all video and they’re like well I don’t want to post video 

which is fine don’t post video but you can go look at everybody else’s because 

it’s just one of the most fun platforms!

I’ve seen people dance! It’s just sheer joy and gratitude and there’s all kinds of really heartwarming fun stuff on there. I love the platform. So, this is what somebody answered me just very quickly..

Linda and Kane Walker! You guys are also in the draw. Every 

comment, dare to care!

I like that hashtag! Keane says #daretocare. I love it! Oh man, I’m gonna put 

this up here. This is great! 

So, somebody answered me and they said, I agree my students used to do stupid dances for it, it looks ridiculous and I’m like, oh my gosh like that, like, how could you say that about your students? Your students are dancing and having fun! That that’s just sheer joy and you don’t 

understand the concept of satire..  yeah yeah yeah it was a satirical comment. Very satirical when I did that video. Don’t come here, it’s so much fun! 

It was just kind of funny and people’s attitudes right now. I get it, it’s stressful. Look, I’m crying a lot these days and it’s stressful. Even talking about it, Jamie’s backing up because I’m about to start crying, but usually it’s just with my jokes. I don’t even say anything now she just 

looks at me and cries. I feel that relationships come a long way, so yes, so great Gratful For Lif

clothing company is such a really, really cool clothing company. Follow them on Instagram, read some beautiful stories, share some beautiful stories and the message of be grateful for what you have, be grateful when you wake up in the morning for what you have, be grateful for what’s coming in your future. 

For you there’s always something good. We’re talking about this, we’re on a podcast this morning and we’re talking about fear, but where’s my two hands….. fear and excitement 

are the same thing except fear you’re thinking 

of a future moment that’s undesired. 

Where excitement you’re thinking of a future moment that is desired. So, fear and excitement are just energy, but when you put that energy connected with an image of something 

going right, that’s excitement! 

Something going wrong, that’s fear. You have the choice, you have the power to choose where your thought is going at any particular time and we have a three-step process which you’ve probably heard us repeat over and over again. But for those that are new here the three-step process, no matter what has taken place, it would no matter what the drama, what 

the circumstance, what the stress, what the problem… Here’s the three steps, what happened, just acknowledge the moment, no story. Just the facts, what happened, then what do I want? 

Okay. Create a concept of what you actually want. What you want, what you’re connected to and then what can I…?

Oh, that’s real.. Seems like Lauren that was the ring finger.

….then what can I do? So what happened? What do I want? What can I do? 

Be very careful with your fingers..

What can I do now? You take a plan of action and anything less than five minutes, bring it down, that plan of action, to something that’s less than five minutes and do that straight away now. You’re taking action towards a successful future. 

Exactly and I’m just popping up some of these comments we’ve got… Make sure to put Tina’s name in the draw.

Hey Tina!

She’s in the draw to win!

We’ve got Lisa, Shelia, Josevie..  You’ve got, they’ve all got a bunch of entries. Just, hey, why don’t you guys drop in the chat where you’re watching us from. 

Yeah! We would love to know that! And, also, I know where Tracey is! She’s in Edmonton, Canada and Dawn just said that she lives close to your sister. Oh! You’re up in Edmonton, as well, Dawn!

Apparently, yeah, maybe we met up there! And make sure you like the video and comment, so that we know that you’re here then we can put you in the draw. 

So, especially if you like us we would love a little like there. We’ll put you in the drawer, we won’t put you in the cupboard ,but then you can come out. Goodness, um, anyway! 

I want to talk one more time about what GFL is. GFL is family owned and it started after someone very special in their lives past. Her niece Alexa passed when she was 16. She was born with a metabolic disorder called propionic acidemia that led to them losing her way too soon but not before changing their lives forever. And teaching them how to be grateful for 


Dawn I remember speaking to you at the goddess event now, because I remember the Edmonton connection or the Canada connection. Yeah! Excellent, excellent!

Oh and we’ve got another Canadian Marianne, the beautiful and talented Marianne. 

We’ve got Florida, Vegas baby! Of course all the locals call a Vegas, baby! Baby, scroll down a little over here. Pushing my hand away from the Kansas City of these people. Oh, these guys! 

Edmonton, Queen Creek, Arizona.  Of course Josevie Jackson would live in a royalty area, of course. 

The queen, the queen, that’s her! She is definitely the queen. I can feel her glaring at me right now! That look that she gives.. it makes you stop and go… I’m sorry I can’t tell you the number of times that a joke that Jamie has made Josevie roll her eyes. I live for that by the way! She rolled her eyes so hard the earth stopped moving, went back three seconds and time shifted! That’s how hard she rolled her eyes at me. And I felt it..  that is actually true. 

So funny, so funny. So when they created this company the Gratful For Lif, they’re grateful 

for life! The first shirts were actually made to wear at Alexa’s memorial service, because they wanted to honor her and they wanted to honor her life in a positive way. And then wearing them actually made them all feel so much better and they thought they could comfort other people by reminding them to be grateful for life when you wear their t-shirts and when you’ve got their magnets on your refrigerator and when you wear their hand bracelets.

They’ve got some pretty cool clothing over there. So, I’ll go ahead and put that in the chat again, but remember, you know, you don’t have to go buy anything if you don’t want to. The clothing is pretty darn cool and you’d be silly not to, but we are giving away two t-shirts tonight. That’s right! We’re sharing the information for those of you who wish to take advantage of it. That’s yeah.. That’s it.

And we’re sharing the information, because it’s a beautiful, beautiful cause and it comes from  an amazing story and I think the more that we understand that these stories are happening under the radar, for the most part. They’re not getting the mainstream news, because mainstream news, it’s a business, it’s an entertainment business. And the more startling reaction they can get from you the more you’re going to have an emotion. And you need to tune in time and time again, being aware of what’s going on is a different story, but sitting there and watching three, four hours of news repeating the same thing is not good for your mental health, it is not good.

If you go to their GFL1229, these people on Instagram GFL1229, they have some of the most uplifting stories. People will send them pictures of them wearing their shirts and telling them how it helped them in their lives and how they became grateful and or how they just were able to embrace that gratitude. 

You know my best friend, who is a healthcare worker and we’re talking every day, because I’ve been so incredibly worried there was an article that just came out about her hospital a couple days ago that they don’t have enough protective gear and that it’s a death trap and people 

are there, you know. People are dying there. And workers there are dying there and I’m so, so afraid and concerned for her, but she keeps reminding me..  I’m like trying to support her. She’s going into the battlefield every day. And in the meantime she’s telling me, “Amy, it’s okay there’s more good in the world than there is bad”. She keeps telling me that. She keeps reminding me of how much good there is in the world, rather than bad and I absolutely love it.

Oh, some good news! Yeah, that’s a great one. So, if you’re gonna watch any news at all go watch John Krasinski, some good news! Oh my gosh, it’s so great, it’s so heartwarming, it’s really, really good. Yeah, on Youtube. Oh, there he is. He’s upside down, he was Australian for a second, let me show you. This is him in Australia. Oh no, here we go. This is him in Australia and now he’s in the northern hemisphere. That’s awesome! But yeah, John Krasinski. He’s funny, he’s great and has a wonderful sense of humor and he’s putting out a channel called some good news. So, if you got to watch any news for an extended period of time, I recommend watching some good news.

Absolutely, absolutely and somebody just shared a really good video about being grateful and I wanted to share this video, too. Oh yeah, we shared it last week. It’s pass a heart for healthcare workers we would love for you guys to share it around. 

We got several celebrities to join us, we got some friends to join us and we got them to basically pass hearts all over the world for healthcare workers. We might make another video like that, if you guys want to make it let us know. Maybe we’ll put another one together. We’ve got a few other stars that sent me videos afterwards, that we’re like, oh so sorry, I’m gonna have to do this to you straight away.

I would love to be in the next one and, so yeah. So we’ve got a collection of some videos already, we already released the first one. Sheila said, “check out this video in reference to being grateful for life, simply beautiful.” Thank you, thank you so much. I love that, thank you so much and thank you guys all so much for being here! We’re so grateful for all of you. Yes, oh hey, Sandra! Sandra I always say it wrong and earlier she said, “Ginni, I love Ginni Ratcliff” and even Lisa, says, “Ginni Ratcliff is so amazing!” 

She is, oh my god she’s gonna love you guys when she wakes up! She’s sleeping right now she’s got to go to work at the hospital. She does the night shift at the hospital there, yeah. And she was actually voted the number three medical professional of the year several years ago, three years in a row. Three years in a row, all of the nisqually valley , all of the science and that is a phenomenal lady and that is the truth! 

So I just thought it’d be fun for us to share, everyone to share something that they’re grateful for, because now when you think about grateful, if I just said, “oh I’m grateful for puppies” saying it’s not the same as emotionally feeling that connection. When you think of puppies and their cute 

little fluffy ears and the tail that way so much that their feet can’t stand up and they just want to give you little kisses.. Aand feeling the feeling of the appreciation changes that chemistry of the body, because all of your emotions are chemicals and your thoughts are chemicals. 

So when you can combine them for a positive, you can create great change in you and in your environment. So, let’s uh let’s share something you’re grateful for. I love baby puppies and baby goats. They are phenomenal! I think they are some of the best things on the planet! 

And Kung Fu Panda, the documentary called Kung Fu Panda, there’s three episodes in this documentary talking about the struggle of a young panda going forward into his dream and changing the world through love and following your dream. I think that’s a powerful documentary that we can all get something from.

 Oh, Josevie Jackson, grateful for her husband and he’s a rock star. Big Ben! We love your husband. We think he’s amazing. So he’s not perfect, yeah, but he’s a perfect match for you! No one’s perfect.

Well, hey I’m right here, I can hear you!

Well you’re a perfect match for me, honey. I’m not sure, he’s got a really good 


[Laughter] Harsh! 

No, I’m so grateful for you, sweetheart.

Yeah, we’re grateful for Ginni. We are grateful for Genni. Tracey’s grateful for Benji, her beautiful little puppy. Tracey iis grateful for Benji, I’m also really really grateful for the fact that I’m so grateful for technology. The fact that I can connect with you guys like this. I’m using Tina Torres’s gratitude. Oh, it’s been good. Awesome, Sandra won that gratitude journal when Tina was on here. No, no actually Lisa did. We won two, didn’t we? No, I don’t remember. Well, I can’t give away so much stuff. I’m not sure, I could be wrong, you could be wrong.

 Grateful for the opportunity to be vulnerable knowing that it might help someone else. 

Yes, Lynn that is so, so true. So true that we can be grateful for being able to be vulnerable, I think,right now. Yes, people just want authenticity and they want vulnerability and that’s why 

I’m not afraid to cry in front of y’all! Because it’s how I’m feeling in the moment and it’s how I’m 

It’s… it’s just been where I’ve been at for the last few days and I cry for just as much good as I  do for the things that upset me. Like, energy does not hold any limits, so there’s a lot of people feeling a certain way and you will be affected by that emotion by that feeling as well.

Absolutely, oh you didn’t win, Sandra. I thought you did and then congratulations on purchasing 

The, yeah, the gratitude journal. And I’m glad that you’re getting a lot of value. And Marianne, said I’m grateful for the maintenance guy in my building that fixed my toilet today. His house 

is so great. Oh, the maintenance workers in the hospitals give every maintenance worker right now a huge round of applause, because where would we be without them, you know?

One of the things, I think there’s…  I do think there’s good coming out of the world right now, because we’re seeing that maybe our grocery store worker isn’t just a grocery store worker. Maybe they’re really essential. Maybe that janitor. isn’t just a janitor. Maybe we need to be more appreciative. So, Sheila says, “what’s the purpose of your video? Are you talking about this video? The energy is electric. Are you talking about this video or the video, the pass your hearts video?” Shelia, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m not sure what she’s talking about. 

Yay, Lisa! Yes,so the purpose for this video is just to connect with you guys. We are here every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. We have companies that want us to tell you about their products, so we do and we give products away.

Sandra says, “yes, Amy, preach!” That’s right. I’m gonna get on my soapbox and one of those companies is Pando and we’ll play that game a little later on this. It’s a fabulous little game battle to see who knows the most about your friends and family. It’s out of Boise, Idaho. A lovely little company and it is a fun little game, fantastic icebreaker. 

For those of you who know us, you know that Amy and Iwork with several different companies around the world doing live seminars, which we’re not doing any right now… Except for each other. Amy, wake up it’s three in the morning. I want to practice my speech! No, you don’t change me, you want to go back to bed. Actually, Amy, I want to go back to bed. But, yeah, so at those live seminars we’ll have a box of this on the table and everyone will get to know each other on the first night and it’s a lot of fun.

So, Julia it’s not just product promotions. We’re here to talk about gratitude and love most of the time. We’re talking about gratitude and how to overcome obstacles,mindset and we started mind 

Awareness. Yeah and we had been doing these lives previously, but when the pandemic started we decided that people just needed a little more. Needed some more fun, needed some more love, some more gratitude in their life, some more connection.

You know, we just want to connect with people and help them. We do promote people’s products, but we also only do it if they’re giving it away so we’re giving you product, giving 

Something. We’re giving away products, so you don’t have to buy them. There’s no obligation 

or anything. We do talk about them, but we just want to talk about companies that you might not have heard about.

We don’t let everybody, we’ve had we’ve actually had companies we’ve turned down, that’s for sure. We don’t let everybody come on here and sometimes we just, oh Joseph, he wants us on your upcoming show. We would love it. Sometimes we have interviews with both of us, Jose just me.

We do have, we had Mark Shulman on here, he was the drummer for Pink. So, sometimes we do interviews.The purpose is he’s gonna have fun. Yeah, he’s got a new book about attitude and so it’s all about attitude, so about positivity. How you can improve your life because we have the opportunity to work at many different seminars. A lot of these seminars have speakers that are on the cutting edge of new thought principles, new processes, or symptoms systems that you can take advantage of right now just by us sharing that knowledge with you. For you to be able to improve your life depending on what is and if you have questions about something, like, if you’ve got a struggle or a problem or a circumstance, you’re like, well how would you help with this? Then ask us to help you. We’ll either know or know someone who will know and get back to you. If we don’t have an answer for you…

Tracy Lewis! Tracy, welcome! Glad you made it! You just went into the the Honey 

Bucket for the draw. So, we put everybody’s names in a draw, when you comment below and we are going to draw two winners tonight for the GFL t-shirts. GFL again is Gratful For Lif, it’s the mindset realizing that even in the darkness of struggle and loss you can find love and light through being grateful, appreciation for everyday life, GFL. I love their message. I love it. What are you giggling about? 

I like to have fun. Do you know the very act now, hey if you’re a little bit stressed or you’re going through some little troubles right now, here is a simple exercise you can do that will improve your state of being.

Don’t say burpees.

No, I’m not going to. I don’t like burpees, I never say burpees… Unless you’re Beetlejuice and then it’s burping.

Yeah, yeah ,that’s right. Come on, Foxy. What’s that? Give me a little bit of it. So there’s my vegetable juice. Anyway, so.. And that is smile and do some deep breathing while you smile. Raise your eyebrows every now and then even if you look like a crazy person, do it in the mirror, it’s even more fun. But just some deep breathing for one minute while you’re smiling, because the muscle memory is going to stimulate the brain to think, hey there’s something that I’m happy 

about right now, because the brain will react to your muscle memory. It’s very hard to be like this and be angry. 

That’s true, that’s very true and deep breathing a lot of the time when we get tense or stressed we shallow breathe. Which then means we start to lack oxygen in our blood, which causes a stress response in our body which makes us get even more tense so we pause, smile and do some deep breathing and in 60 seconds you’ll completely change where you were. So there’s a little helpful tip.

Exactly, actually, there was a guy that did that the other day he was like, okay try this with me smile for just 50 seconds and he was like and breathe and smile. And I was doing it with him and I was just kind of sitting there during the day and I did that with him and I was amazed at 

how quickly my mood shifted. It literally just shifted quickly. Someone else did it before me.

Yeah it’s common knowledge you’ve been doing it for years. That’s right but, I was flicking through Tik Tok the other day and there was a guy in Tik Tok, that I was like, oh really? Yeah I looked at a lot of guys on Tik Tok.. 

Yeah, absolutely Tracy, a positive mindset is a must. And your mindset, your habit of thought is something that you can coordinate and design for the life you want to live, absolutely, absolutely. And yes we’re here to have fun and we’re just here to uplift the world. 

we figure if we can get you to smile, get you to forget about what’s going on for a minute and just get you out of that kind of rut that you may be in right now. That we can make the world a better place, just by being on here, so that’s the whole purpose of these things. That’s pretty much it. Yeah that’s pretty much it. Because what happened was we went back to our three questions. What Happened?  What do I want, no, what can I do? Yeah, what do I want? What can I do? I confuse myself.

So, we said what happened? Well we’re in a pandemic, okay. Well, what do we want? We want to be happy, we want to be healthy, we want to still be able to serve, we want to be able to give in some way to the environment. That makes the environment happier and healthier and we want other people to be happy and healthy. So what can we do? I was like, hey we can amp up our free giveaways on Tuesday and give some more advice and some more help. Have some laughs, have some fun and for that short moment while people are with us. There’s no more social distancing or social detachment because a lot of people are feeling social detachment with the social distancing, but we’re all here together in this moment. We’re sharing something together and if that’s uplifting for you, it’s uplifting for us. 

Then that means that’s a ripple of happiness or positivity that’s going out in your environment in this moment and then when people watch it back they’re like oh that was funny, that was a great 

joke about no boasting of chestnuts in an open foyer. That guy is a genius! You had to bring that back you have to bring that back please.

Well we should probably do the draw at 6:45. Yeah let’s, we let’s do two Pando’s. Does anybody want to do Pando? So anybody that’s been with us for a while, they know how to do this. Do you 

Want us to draw a Pando card for you Tracey Honey or Marianne Blair? Physical discipline.

I like what Lynn said. Lynn said, “physical distancing with social connections”. 

Yeah, yes, we can pull one for Sandra. So the way that this works, is there’s two questions on the card and we have to guess whoever the card is for. We have to guess what their answer would be. So for example, I’ll go first. I’m going to draw a card. Alright, and there’s two questions on this card. So everyone’s going to have a go at answering what my answer would be and then I’ll tell you and then the next one we’ll pull for Lisa.

The questions are, “does he have a hidden tattoo? Do I have a hidden tattoo? And what is my favorite podcast?” Alright people! What do you think? Do I have a hidden tattoo and what is my favorite podcast?

I can’t answer, because I already know the answer, but you guys can guess what his answer would be. Does Jamie have a hidden tattoo and what is his favorite podcast? And in the meantime we are getting ready to give these shirts away. I’m super excited. The GFL, Gratful For Lif. We’ve got two t-shirts here to give away. We’ve got some magnets and some.. I don’t know, there’s some other little things up here. Yeah, we got some other little, like, bracelets. So yeah, there’ll be two potty kits, yep. And just reminding you to be grateful for life, so grateful.

“No room for tattoos as he has too many scars on his body”, that’s what Tracey said. Those scars could have been turned into a fancy tattoo. 

Lynn says, “I don’t know.”  

Sandra says, “yes to tattoo. Favorite podcast is something funny”. 

Dawn says, “yes on the tattoo. Favorite podcast, Tim Ferriss.” Oh! Tim Ferriss is awesome, that is actually a good guess there. Nice! 

Somebody says, “yes to the tattoo and Tim Ferriss”, that was Keen Walker. I love these answers! This is so great!

Cool, alright, are we ready to answer? Yes, don’t know about the podcast. Alright, okay you’re ready. No I do not have any tattoos and the reason why is because I was… Amy does.

I got the hidden tattoos! 

I was 1994 model of the year and as a model and as an actor a tattoo would limit my casting roles. So, I never got any tattoos, because they would always put them on me for films 

and whatnot when I was doing it.

And I tried to talk him into tattooing our rings, our wedding rings, but he won’t do it.

No, favorite podcast is about panda social.. 


Yes, hey, Casey Martin. Welcome! Throw Casey, hey Casey! You got him just in time to be in the draw! Still in the drive, congratulations!

Lisa goes, “Amy do you have a tramp stamp?” No, I do not have a tramp stamp, I got my tattoos before that craze happened, thank god. 

And as for my favorite podcast… Amy has all the podcasts, so if we’re traveling somewhere and we listen to a podcast it would be hers, but the only podcast I, actually the main one, you do 

listen to is Tony Robbins…

I was just about to say… 

Yeah finishing my sentence for myself here, it’s, I do have several podcasts on my thing. A specific speaker has talked about something significant, I’m like oh I like that and I’ve saved it, but I do have the Tony Robbins podcast and I occasionally listen. 

Right, so, Rebecca just joined us! Hi, Rebecca!

Hey Rebecca, your name is going in the draw for a free t-shirt. 

We’re giving away GFL, Gratful For Lif t-shirts. It’s a clothing company, but it’s also a charity that was founded by a family that had a beautiful niece that was taken from them too early. This niece taught them how to be grateful for life no matter what. Yeah, because when she was very, very, very young she was diagnosed with a terminal disease and they said that she’s not going to be able to make it 

past a certain year and she made it way beyond that. She passed away when she was 16, but through those teenagers and everything else, every day, they’re grateful for another day and that attitude of being grateful for the life you have and for the life you can share right now is what created this charity organization.

If you go to their Instagram which is GFL1229, I have some positive stories that people share which is always always uplifting for you to hear that there are great things going on in 

the plane and selfless acts of kindness around the world. And what’s really interesting about the name was when they joined Instagram they were going to change their name but 

the name that they were given was GFL1229 and that was the day that their niece 

passed away. Really. And so I thought they chose that number because of that date. Nope, it was given to them and then they kept it because they took that as a sign.

Well, definitely a sign, yeah. Jamie loves numbers. I knew just three days ago I was coaching we had, like, a time limit and the person and I had a countdown going down from the stop clock on the computer and when they said that’s it and I hit the timer. It was one second, no 1 minute, 11 seconds and 11 split seconds left that they had. I was like one, one, one, one, one. I’m like ah and they’re like wow! I’m like it’s all one’s, I was so excited. 

Yep, anyway, alright. Let’s do one more card and let’s do the draw. Let’s do it for Lisa, we’re gonna do a card for Lisa. Lisa Chriselli, this is your card that I’m pulling out and even if you don’t know Lisa, yes, it’s fine, have a look at her profile picture right now and you can see. You can tell, exactly, she’s a very beautiful redhead. Okay, alright, here’s Lisa’s card.

How much money do I owe Jamie Honey and isn’t Jamie Honey the greatest?

Now what internet browser does Lisa use on her computer and does Lisa have soft water in her house? What internet browser? Just look at that beautiful complexion and that lovely red hair. Does she have soft water in her house? What internet browser does Lisa use on her computer and does she have soft water in her house? What do you guys think? And this is the fun thing you can completely have no idea about the person but then you’re just sharing a first impression which is a wonderful feedback for any of you out there in the public field. Getting a first impression back from a neutral audience is awesome, because then you realize how you’re actually occurring for your public. 

So Tracey says, “Windows Explorer and soft water.”

Keen says, “Chrome and yes, yes, the soft water.” 

Sandra says, “Safari and no to the soft water, no to the soft water.”

Lynn says, “Chrome and no soft water.”

Dawn says, “Chrome for browser and no to soft water.”

Marianne says, “she uses Firefox and yes she uses soft water. Yeah she does, she does.:

 Shelia says, “Firefox.”

Casey says, “gotta be google and with that hair. Absolutely soft water.”

She does have some pretty hair, doesn’t she does? She does.

Hey you guys, do you like this? Is this fun or do you like Pando? I think it’s great and also earlier just Josevy goes, “I’m back did I win anything yet? lol.” And then Sandra said, “I hate math, but I love numbers, too.”

I love the meaning behind numbers. I love the meaning behind numbers, so does my sister over time. Okay, Lisa tell us what the answer is! Oh, we’re gonna have a guess. Oh, I’m gonna say yes to soft water, definitely got a water machine in there. You need it in Vegas (Vegas, baby!) where she’s from and I’m gonna go with Safari. I think she’s got a Mac. Oh, no, maybe she’s got a PC, Chrome and absolutely have something.

Alright, the people who said Chrome and yes to soft water, you are winners! You know Lisa and then someone said, “We love you guys, this is so great! Gotta get you you guys in Arizona!” Thank you, Casey, awesome, awesome.

Should we pull one more comment? Give us the full story of what you’re thinking, I’m a little scared. Can I roll my Rs, can I, can Amy roll her Rs and do I like my mattress more on the soft side or the firm side? Do I like my mattresses more on the soft side or the firm side?

For Amy Honey, now I’m very sure I know the answers to these ones…

So, you can’t answer this. I will answer the last one, in like here at the derby, the horse, right at the end. 

So can I roll my R’s… Congratulations on winning too with the previous quiz with Lisa, too. 

That was awesome, Keen says, “yes I can and firm.” 

Lisa says. “yes and firm.” 

What are we talking about? We’re talking about mattresses. Okay, let’s take it to the 

Mattresses. What does that mean? I don’t know what that means. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna keep it in the house. We’re gonna pack it to the mattresses.

Roll. yes. I’m jealous she can roll her Rs and mattress firm, on the soft side. Amy’s the business, right so firm. Yes to Rs. Everyone can see your phone sign, everybody knows I’m a little harder than the rest. No to rolling Rs and firm. Okay I’m going to say no doubt rolling Rs correctly and firm.

I can roll my, “Rs.” 

Show us now, that’s going, that’s not the same as going… 

Give me a word I would need to roll my R on.

Rabbits roll rigorously. No use the other Rs later in the rabbits roll, right here. 

What’s it all, what do you roll your R at. Yeah give us a word, let’s test it. I want to see I’m pretty sure, I can una momento. por favor. You don’t do it. It was not convincing. Fresh, fresh. I feel like this is a beginner Spanish class all of a sudden, migato.

Alright, so let’s do the draws for the prices we got, two Gratful For Lif price packages. We 

have got a hundred or more little names in it. Now every time you made a comment, your name went in up to five times. So you’ve got five times and if you shared this post, which I guess we should have mentioned right at the beginning. But if you’re not, if this wasn’t your first time you would have known that by sharing the post you also get an additional five. So, you can get up to ten. 

So, we’ve got a whole lot of names in here and so I’ll just let it drag and you try and 

grab one. That’s one, there’s two, okay. I’ve got a lot more to tip out.

Marianne Blair! You just one Gratful For Lif, you’re gonna love this t-shirt. And Keen Walker! Keen, congratulations!

So what I’m gonna need, Marianne and Keen Walker, I’m just gonna say, Marianne and 

Keen Walker our winner. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. 

So if you guys can, if you guys can. Oh she can, she said, “hello”.  Right. Oh really? You voting for her? Yep she did, she did. Okay so, Marianne, Keen Walker, if both of you could message me on The Honey Dare on Here direct message me, I need your addresses so I can share, postal address.

Awesome, yeah, I need a postal address so we can deliver this physical object to your mailbox. Yeah, I’m gonna mail this to you guys. It’ll actually go out in the mail tomorrow so you guys will get these immediately.

It’s Gratful For Lif clothing. GFL clothing, calm here it is. So make sure you guys go there! You guys can go check out some of the other stuff! Thanks, guys! Go check out their stories on their Instagram GFL1229 and just say thank you! Telling someone that you appreciated this story is a big emotional element for them and for you!

It’s sharing love, sharing kindness and sharing gratitude. And we’re just trying to spread the kindness right now, you guys. We want to really spread the kindness, we want you guys to have a great life and we’re excited that you guys join us every Tuesday.

We love, love, love you guys. We’ll be back here next Tuesday from 6:00-7:00PM Pacific Standard Time and I think we might be giving away a massager next week. So we’re gonna, another one of those massages. 

There’s a young swedish student that’s looking for a job we’re gonna send them to your house.

This massager is really, really cool. Um it’s one of the massage guns, the percussion guns, yeah. And they’re really therapeutic and they’re super, because somebody goes, sterilize it first. No, it’s not used! It’s brand new. The package has been opened to show that it’s been received and then it’s packed back up so yeah. Yeah and if you have any questions or any circumstances like we said before or a challenge that you’re having in your business or your personal life, something like that we do have the benefits of having some tremendous friends that have shared phenomenal knowledge with us.

That helps us live a better life and we would love to be able to help and share that with you, as well. Absolutely so we’ll see you next week, Tuesday at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you guys and go to your mirror right now and practice that breathing exercise. Smile and breathe deeply and look at yourself and wiggle your eyebrows. Trust me in 60 seconds you will change your day.

I will see you next week!