Hi, Amy here with health and wellness news. I am here to talk about Visceral Body fat, do you know what that is? It’s not the subcutaneous fat around the hips and thighs. That is the surface fat. Visceral body fat is the fat around the belly, and it’s deep. It is actually impacted fat around the organs. It’s harder than subcutaneous body fat. And, It’s much scarier and dangerous than we previously thought. Visceral body fat has been associated with an increase of risks for a number of different health problems including type 2 diabetes.

It’s not just linked to muscle loss, but, bone loss as well. And the even scarier part is skinny people can have an excess of visceral body fat and not even know it. It can go totally undetected. Fortunately, we can combat this body fat with a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition. Feel free to drop by Yelm Bootcamp and get a body fat test free of charge. You can get a free consultation from one of our health and fitness coaches, to help point you in the right direction.

How Do You Lose Visceral Fat?
1. Cut out all trans fats from your diet.
2. Don’t drink a lot of alcohol.
3. Do resistance training.
4. Do high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
5. Improve your metabolism. (Your hormone profile).
6. Keep your stress levels under control.
7. Get better sleep!
8. Stay Hydrated
9. Healthy Nutritional Cleansing

In the Honey DARE, We talk a lot about the 5 elements of health. Exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and emotional environment. Keeping these 5 elements of health will help you greatly tackle that tough visceral body fat.

How To Get Rid Of Visceral Body Fat