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Oh its already recording, maybe we should count it in, 2001, 2000.


Not really. I’m Amy Honey.

This is Jamie Honey.

And we are here with, is it Paree or Paris?

It’s Paris.


But Par-ee on the steemit platform.

@Par-ee on the platform. So you’re on the steemit platform as P A R – E E. Okay. Awesome. Okay, cool. I posted several photos of you and I didn’t tag you, so I should next time. So we are here, on several platforms, Facebook, steemit and some others. And Par-ee or Paris is with Gold Money, and my favorite which is MENE. I Love MENE! So the concept behind MENE, is that it’s jewelry that you actually wear, but a lot of people don’t know that when you purchase a ring or earrings or something it’s marked up like 1200% or sometimes up to 2000%. So when you go to turn it back in, you’ve lost your value. So, and you actually have some pieces on here to.

A necklace on here, the unbelievable necklace. Oh man, that’s pretty. Yeah.
While Amy is distracted by all the jewelry.

This is so pretty, Check out this ring, isn’t that pretty.

Wow, that’s nice, but we’re on cameras, so you got to give it back.

I know

Like we come from Vegas, we’re magic. Oh, No, here it is. Oh it disappeared. But this is, we are here with the DARE to be Great Giveaway right now. And what’s better than gold money, Huh? We’re going to give away some fantastic knowledge from Paris, that certainly got us excited yesterday when we heard it all. She did an amazing presentation on what is money, and where money came from, and how we use it, and how we can take advantage of where money is going.

And one lucky winner is actually going to win TWO GRAMS of GOLD.


2 Grams of GOLD

Real Gold,

That is unbelievable. Like actual goal. I am so excited. So tell us what Gold Money is. Tell us what MENE is. Tell us what your company does.

Yeah, absolutely. So Gold Money is an online platform. It’s just like a pay pal account, but it’s 100 percent backed by gold. So you sign up, you’d go to, you can sign up and be verified within 10 minutes. And then you can instantly buy gold online using a credit card, a paypal account, your bank account, sending a bank wire, ally pay, WeChat pay, cryptocurrency. So we accept multiple different deposit methods. And then you can buy any amount of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and also three cryptocurrencies that we offer.


Which cryptocurrencies do you guys offer?

We offer a bitcoin, bitcoin cash and etherium right now.


And it’s the safest way to own bitcoin just from the way that we custody it.

So what does that mean the way that you custody it. What does that mean?

So we have a process where we have the crypto on a hardware wallet and then the hardware wallet is actually stored in our vaults. So in our network of vaults. So we actually make the crypto almost physical. We treat it like we do precious metals.

And so it was like a gold bar, your crypto is like a gold bar, that’s secured like in your Fort Knox.

And so like say I have $50 and I’m going to put $50 into my bank account. It’s basically like a bank account, right?

It’s like an online bank account, it functions exactly like a bank account, but it’s 100 percent backed by real metal. That sits in a vault.

The way that money is originally supposed to be.


We got a fantastic history yesterday. On where money came from. Because there was the barter exchange process, and then the barter exchange process became a little bit difficult because.. you used the analogy, “I make bread, which you eat every day. Well, I make a belt, which you don’t need to buy a new belt every day. so the exchange wasn’t right there”. But there’s a lot of value in your pants not falling down when you’re trying to run away from a fighting tribe. So the belt has a lot of value. It’s more than 1 loaf of bread. Throw a loaf of bread at them. It did nothing, but the belt kept the pants on, so you’re able to get away. So they created this monetary system that says, hey, this is here is worth so much or yours is worth more and there’s this value. It was there as an exchange for something that really had value and then someone, oh, here’s a little bit of paper that represents this. I’ll just print a million of these, “here you go, here you go, here you go…” So the value is really, not really (really not really, great language Jamie) anyway… but its not really there, but this is, because it’s gold. It’s physical metal. I know Amy loves gold and silver.

I do love gold, I do love silver.

AND…. Oh, the other interesting thing, get a load of this, I didn’t know this. There was gold, platinum, silver and palladium.

Those are the four precious metals,
The 4 precious metals. but this I remember, gold looks different so that’s why we’re not going to get confused. “Here’s a piece of palladium, um I’m not sure, that feels like silver, oh its platinum, we don’t know”. But they had different values. But gold, you can tell the difference. That’s why gold became the valuable metal that we played around with.
And I actually particularly love it because I’m super fascinated by the different mining towns, because we drive through the Reno and the Nevada area and there’s a ton of towns.

Tonopah and Rhyolite.

There’s all these really cool old ghost towns and mining towns.

It’s great. We have to stop at every single one, and walk around for hours in the sun. It’s…. I love it.

So anyway,… but we learned so much yesterday too, about a little bit about the history of our money, and this is a slightly different way of thinking, but to me it’s actually a safer way to keep your money. So let me. So if I give you $50 and then, and then do I get $50 back or is it like the price of gold?

So now with gold money, precisely that, if you were to deposit $50 into your gold money holding, you can then buy a weight of gold or other precious metals, minus our half a percent deposit, ah, buy fee rather. So we charge half a percent above the spot price of gold that day.

Wow, that’s a lot cheaper. 0.5%

Cool. Okay. And so then if gold goes up, then I can buy, I can sell it back.
Yes of course, the value of your account, the value of the gold that you own in your account obviously fluctuates every day because the price of gold fluctuates every day. And the price of gold only fluctuates every day because it’s priced in US dollars. So the price of the US dollar will fluctuate against gold and it will look like your, your account is changing in value, but you always own that same amount of gold in terms of weight.


So if you own 3 grams, you will always own 3 grams, whether the price goes up or down.

Very cool. And you guys have offices in Toronto.

So we have our headquarters is in Toronto. We also have a head office in the Jersey Channel Islands, but we operate globally. We have an office in New York with shift gold, that does our physical redemption. MENE has an office in Paris. Uh, so we, we operate globally.

That is very cool. We’re also heard something about like the, um, you can have a credit card that accesses your crypto currency accounts. And the different cities, for example we’re in Canada right now and you could withdraw Canadian money, if you’re in the states, American money, if you’re in Australia, Australian money. Um, so you see the pattern LOL

Yes, we offer these prepaid cards. It’s a prepaid card that comes with your account. Uh, we offer them for now and for 4 currencies, so they are in US dollars, British pounds, euros, and Swiss francs. So you can sell any amount of crypto or gold that’s in your holding to load the card with that currency and you get the spot and no foreign transaction fees, foreign exchange fee if you use the card in the currency it’s denominated in.

Oh, okay. Gotcha. So you could use your US dollars.

We’re here in Toronto right now and we went to their headquarters in their building, and it’s beautiful. If you get a chance, definitely stop in there. If you’re in Toronto, they actually have an actual credit card that they can issue, and it’s actually solid gold. Do NOT put it in the ATM

I would be afraid to carry it around, but oh my gosh.

You want to go have a look at it at least. It’s an actual solid gold credit card, it’s gorgeous! And so people are actually going to get some real gold for free today from the amazing gold money and Paris, with our dare to be great giveaway that we’re doing to choose one winner. Make sure to comment below.

Guys make a comment below and one of you will be randomly chosen and they get 2 grams of gold! And that’s not like, Oh, here’s my grandmother on this side of the family and his, my grandma. These are my two grams…. No, actual of gold!. No, it’s actual gold. Even though gold,

I’s super simple. We’re going to post some links for you guys so that you can go sign up for a gold money account. You can join and it’s, these guys are really, really a cool company. They’re great. And I love the jewelry. So the jewelry. Oh we didn’t even get into that. The Mene!

No jewelry, jewelry.

The jewelry. You actually purchase it and it’s only what? $20 over the spot price?

So yeah, the jewelry is sold by weight as well. So the jewelry is the spot price of gold that day plus 20 percent as a design fee, but it’s designed for Dana Picasso, which is Picasso’s grand daughter. So you’re really buying a piece of art for 20 percent above the spot price of gold!

And they’ll buy it back, and you get certification. So now you’re not losing money on your jewelry. Jewelry actually becomes an investment. Which Jamie is not super excited about it because now I have a reason to buy a lot more jewelry.

Yeah. Because like she does do the investing, she does it well, but I do get an allowance each week which is fun. But what I did find out was exciting. So you buy a piece of jewelry and its really good high quality jewelry, But then for whatever reason you’ve changed your mind about that design, You can get it melted down and created it into a new piece of jewelry.

Yeah. So if you buy a piece from Mene and you wear it for a little while and you decide that you want something different or that it’s been damaged over time, the regular wear and tear, you can always sell it back to Mene and we will always buy it back because it’s 24 karat gold and platinum jewelry. It’s pure bullion so we can always melt it down and turn it into something completely different and sell it to someone else.

Very cool. And why would you sell it back? I mean, I’m keeping it all!

For example, your wife says, oh, now I need something new. It’s like, all right, good melt that you get something new.

No Jamie….. AND, not OR ….. AND!

Awesome. We’re so excited to have you here today. Again, it’s a gold money account. We’re giving away actual gold on the dare to be great giveaway. Comment in the section below. Don’t forget to comment!.

What we do is we pull all those names and they go into a hat and we draw one winner that’s going to win two grams gold today.

Now. Do they have to? Um, is it just a comment? Or how do they win? Do they have to sign up because it’s free to sign up!

It’s free to sign up.

It’s free to sign up. You will have to sign up to get the two grams of gold, but, it’s free! Use thehoneydare when signing up at Y

eah. You will have to sign up for an account to get the two grams of gold, but it’s free, so that’s awesome. Then you’re going to transfer two grams of golad right into your account! Two grams of Gold is worth about $100. US.

Whoa. I didn’t realize it was actually.

I just got excited.

Ironically, this reminds me. There was a guy on the street who said I’ve got a hershey chocolate bar or a gold bar – the gold bar was worth about $50 bucks! A Hershy Bar, or a bar of gold. I don’t know whether you can probably Google it, but there was only one person out of like about 20 people that took the gold. People don’t realize how valuable it is and they’re taking the chocolate bar. I mean, I mean if it was Australian chocolate, I’d understand, but the gold was worth about 50 bucks. So we have it for free. I have pens from every casino across the west coast of America, because I love free pens!

Thank you so much for your time. I am so excited. We’re giving away again, two grams of gold. Now how this works too, for the comments, is you have one hour after this video ends. So you have one hour so then the contest closes off. And then we pick a winner. So make sure you comment below so that you can win and you can be entered to win the two grams of gold from Gold Money. Use the code thehoneydare when signing up for Gold Money.

Or comment above.

Depending on what platform we’re on, it might be above, but either way. And you can follow @Par-ee on steemit. Are you guys on facebook too? We are goldmoney on facebook. You can follow those guys. I’ll be tagging them in this video as well. I have already shopped as soon as I discovered this yesterday. I have already picked out my jewelry. I am so excited.

She did!!

Mene has an incredible, incredible referral program for every person that you refer. You earn $10. Oh really? And every person that actually makes a purchase, you earn another 50 and you earn it for the entire year.

Oh, whoa.

Okay. So I’ll be posting a link.

She certainly will…..

Use my link!! Awesome. I’m Amy Honey, I believe in you. Lean on my belief in you until you believe in yourself.

I’m Jamie honey, truth, integrity, and fun. Let’s have more of it. Thanks. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye.