We have all heard about the benefits of a corporate wellness program, but, what we don’t know is that at times it isn’t working to the maximum the benefits for the company health. The whole idea behind corporate wellness is that happy healthy employees make a happy healthy company. And the health of the company encompasses everything, including it’s financial health.

1. Biggest Loser Type Contests – Many corporations will put on ‘weight loss’ type contests, however, this doesn’t always benefit the masses. Not everyone has the same goals and the same dreams. Not everyone wants to lose weight, so, this can leave some of your employees out of the loop.

2. Saving Money on Corporate Wellness – The whole point of a corporate wellness program is for you to save money. When employees miss work because of illness, it costs the company money, which effects the corporate health. When employees spend a ton of money on health care, that can cost the corporation money as well with increased insurance rates. So, these ‘competitions’ don’t inspire people to actually get healthy. It just inspires them to lose weight for a moment.

3. Corporate Wellness Program – When people are competing with each other, even though it can be a ‘friendly’ competition, sometimes it doesn’t promote team building. It doesn’t get every one to participate. Many times, your ‘at highest risk’ employees will feel like it’s too far out of reach, so, they won’t even try.

the Honey DARE with Amy Honey and Jamie Honey With the Honey DARE (D.esign A.lign R.emind E.veryday), we teach your employees how to make small changes, based on daily habits. Changing little habits ends up in really big results. It’s a fun way that brings your entire team together, and even gives you a bit of social media awareness for your company while donating to charity. It’s fun, it’s innovative, and it’s different than any other corporate wellness program you’ve ever seen.