Yoggi Parmar – Space Into Flow

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Yoggi Parmar is a professional space organizer based in Las Vegas who is on a personal mission to help people declutter, organize and win their freedom from stuff. In 2010, she, her husband and her two daughters, made the decision to sell almost all of their stuff and embark on a 5 year global travel adventure. They started their life changing decluttering on 4th July 2010, Independence Day.

She left with 4 red bags, 3 laptops, two daughters and one husband. Over the next 5 years her family experienced many amazing adventures in India and the Far East. The experience of letting go of their stuff and enjoying the freedom of having less and living more inspired Yoggi to help others do the same.

Today Yoggi helps her clients in person and via her online coaching programs in which she teaches her 5-step S.P.A.C.E. method to help them win their freedom from stuff. https://www.freedomfromstuff.com