About Beejel: If there’s one person who is uniquely qualified to share his wisdom on the topics of business operation productivity, lead conversion and outsourcing it’s Beejel Parmar. http://www.beejel.com

Today, Beejel consults and coaches solopreneurs and small businesses around the world His deep depth of experience comes from over a decade of experience working with and managing a team of over 300+ virtual employees, and conducting thousands one-on-one consulting sessions, speaking and training all over the world.

Today, Beejel delivers interviews, keynotes and training workshops on focus aligned planning, processes before projects, deep work, lead conversion, and outsourcing… based on the efficiency and productivity of bees. On the corporate side, Beejel has a very unique approach to leadership change, implementing operational structures, communication flows and team productivity based on the science of bee colonies and hives.

Audiences have been inspired by the story of how Beejel and his family had to leave the US in 2010, and how they embarked on a 5-year travel-work adventure, during which time he learned how to effectively find, hire and train virtual team members.

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