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The video titled “Meet The Authors with Special Guest Paula Neva” on YouTube features Paula Vail as a special guest. Paula Vail is introduced as a Published Award Winning Author, Radio/TV Show Host, Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui Reiki, and the Owner/Founder of Wellness The video is part of a series where hosts engage with authors to discuss their works, insights, and the impact of their contributions to their respective fields. This particular session focuses on Paula’s achievements and her role in promoting wellness and personal growth through her expertise in Reiki and her literary contributions.

The description and content of the video highlight Paula’s significant influence in wellness and personal development, showcasing her dedication to empowering others through her work and teachings. The session aims to provide viewers with an in-depth look at Paula’s journey, her motivations, and the wisdom she shares through her books and teachings in Reiki.