About Us

Amy and Jamie Honey come from varied backgrounds. Jamie’s an Australian, Amy’s an American. Together they combine their diverse experience and skills of health, fitness and communication to help you get even more success out of your life! Amy is a health and habits specialist and customer engagement expert, and Jamie is a mind shift and communication expert in and communications. They speak and travel all over the world empowering companies and organizations to get better results in all areas of life in a fun and impactful way.

Amy and Jamie were independent world travelers, discovering the nuances of success from many cultures. Their powers combined exploded into many entrepreneurial understandings for having your Habits work for you and not against you. At age 11, doctors told Jamie he would have to have his leg amputated. Refusing to allow the doctors to do that, he learned how powerful his mind could be, and went on to become an international stunt actor. Amy, at the age of 16, found herself alone and independent. Through her own resources she graduated high school and didn’t look back. At age 20, she became a single mom, putting her families welfare first, she overcame numerous obstacles in an unreceptive market place, and established herself as a successful and powerful entrepreneur.