The Maori Healers come straight from New Zealand!    They do some quite intense body work that’s purpose is to release pain out of the body that you’ve been holding onto.    This could be emotional, it could be spiritual, or it could be actual pain in the body.   According to Chinese medicine, all pain in the body, or ‘symptoms’ in the body come down to emotions you are holding on to.

The Maori Healers Are.....

on a seek and destroy mission in your body!

We had an amazing time with the Maori Healers.

We met Ata, Michelle, and Catherine.    Ata and Michelle are from New Zealand, and they tour the United States about once a year.    So, if you get the opportunity to jump into a session with them, I recommend you do that!!    You can find more about them at    Tell them The Honeys sent you!!

I don’t know much about their philosophies, or their daily practices, but, what I do know is what I personally experienced in working with them.    I had a session with them 14 years ago, before I met my husband.   I had sort of forgotten about them, mostly because I wasn’t living in Los Angeles anymore.    So, I hadn’t thought about being able to see them, being that you can’t just jump in and see them.    They come a long ways from New Zealand!!

Maori Healers Review

So, the last time I saw the Maori Healers, I had no idea what to expect.    But, I walk in and there are tables all laid out.   Several people are already on the tables, and most are looking quite uncomfortable, and one guy is screaming.    I’m thinking, ‘oh shit, what did I get into?’.     I lay on the table as I look at these very intimidating looking Polynesian men with tribal tattoos.   They looked liked Sumo wrestlers, and I’m thinking, ‘they are going to break me for sure!’.    Nervously, I laid on the table and they went to work.    They turned out to be giant teddy bears, with amazing hearts.    However, they took no prisoners and went right into some very painful spots!    Their modality is body work that releases pain in the body.    Sometimes, we are holding onto it, and it can be painful to get it to release.    Well, we did A LOT of releasing that day!!     That was 14 years ago!

Present Day Maori Healers

Jamie is always saying about massage therapists that, ‘they just rubbed oil on me!’.    He is always saying they didn’t really get into his muscle.    So, I had a last minute thought about the Maori Healers!   I thought he would really enjoy a session with them.   So, I googled them.   I didn’t even know if they still made the long trip from New Zealand to the United States.   They didn’t have a schedule on their website, so, I just emailed them.    They emailed me back almost instantly.   Call it a fluke, call it serendipity, call it fate, but, they happened to be 4 and a half hour drive from us, and they happened to have only 2 slots opened for the following day!!    So, we went!!

We were met by Ata, Catherine, and Michelle.   All 3 had very strong hand shakes and Ata has a huge smile!!   She especially would smile after pushing on your muscle, after it released.    I giggled at her smile after screaming from the pain.    She said, ‘I like to see it leave!;.    I took that to mean, ‘I like to see you release that pain finally!’.

Catherine worked on me, and Michelle worked on Jamie.   Ata worked on Daniel, who owned the home and the backyard we were in.   But, Ata floated around between all of us from time to time.    She seemed to have laser vision on our body issues!   It was amazing.    Jamie definitely had some really great pain releases, and he actually felt like they did more than ‘rub oil on him’.   In fact, with this type of massage/body work – there was no oil.    They more use their long bones on your muscles.    There is a photo below of Michelle and Ata standing on Jamie to really get into his muscle.


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