Our Program

Amy and Jamie Honey

The Honeys are the co-authors of the upcoming book, “DARE to be a Better YOU – How Bad Habits Are Holding You Back from SUCCESS”.  

The Honeys are the creator of the 12 Days Health Program and and they are dedicated to advancing your employees health as well as your corporate wellness, in a fun, team building, impactful way.   Their programs have inspired people to get into massive action, and take control of their health, getting in the best shape of their lives.   In turn, this reflects in the corporate health, equaling higher profits and a better, healthier business all around.


Corporate Wellness
The wellness of your corporation starts with the health of your employees.   Wellness and health encompasses a large area of life.   Our corporate wellness program (a 12 day program that comes with us speaking at your corporation), builds teams, improves communication,  gets people moving and motivated to be healthier, and brings marketing to your social media all rolled into one awesome, super fun wellness program!

Like the cells of our body make up our health, we see your employees as the cells of your business.   A healthy cell makes up a healthy body, a healthy employee makes up a healthy business.   Take THE HONEY DARE, where we DARE you to be great!! 

For 12 Days after our event, your entire organization has access to our 12 day program. You can choose our 12 day fitness program, or our 12 days of gratitude program, or we may design a 12 day program specific to your organization. What makes this so different is that you will be getting 2 to 3 check ins PER DAY for 12 days to YOUR facebook or instagram social media page from every single one of your employees or members. This creates a ton of fun and team building in the workplace, as well as social media awareness to your organization. Not only that, but, it ties in with a charity of the month. So, everytime your members or employees check in, we make a donation on YOUR behalf, and keep you up to date with all the good you are doing!! We also help you create a unique hashtag and get you ‘trending’!!

For more detailed information on The Honey DARE  presentation topics or to book them for your next event, please contact us at:
Phone: 360-250-3577
Email: booking@thehoneydare.com