Power Words To Recalibrate The Subconscious Mind

Read Below for More of an Explanation

Power list of wonder words, to recalibrate your subconscious to being more open to possibilities.

Change these word habits to the new ones on the list and you will see a shift in the quality of your experience of life. 

It is a short list so you can implement all of these changes at the same time, no need to pick and choose where to start. 

Write them down and share them with your friends so you can keep each other accountable. When you recognize you’re using one of your old habits of phraseology make a conscious point of stopping and replacing it with the new word or phrase.

It’s a Short list of small changes, yet it changes your habit of thinking, your habit of expectation, and therefore better results from your environment….. ENJOY 

CHANGE “No” to “Yes and” (instead of your immediate reaction to say no, look at how you can say ‘yes and’. It does not matter the statement you can always redirect by saying yes and, and this allows you to be the tai chi master of the flow of energy within that conversation and experience.) A simple example is someone asked you to do something you don’t want to do, say yes and I can do that once you have done “ABC”. State something that you’re willing to get in return for what they’ve asked, you will either get what you want, or they will withdraw the request either way you are not saying no and being the energy block to creation.  

CHANGE “But” to “Yet” but is a block in energy, it stops the flow and negate anything that was said prior to it. For example “you are a great worker, very attractive and a nice personality BUT”, this “BUT” negates any of the nice things that were said previously. Saying the word ‘yet’ allows for there to be a continuation in the flow of energy and the subconscious mind still accepts the compliment’s

CHANGE “Have to”, to “Get to” (‘Have to’ is a burden, obligation an order, ‘get to’ is an opportunity, empowerment a privilege)

CHANGE “Hard, Impossible, Difficult”, to “Challenge or Challenging”. (When we say something is hard, impossible or difficult we create the task to be more energetically consuming than it needs to be. If we were to say that it was challenging that increases our energy because we are always up for the challenge, we are willing to overcome a challenge, it changes our emotional state around the situation.)

When someone is talking and you interrupt with “I Know” it stops your subconscious brain from hearing anything new, you are then just listening for a break in the communication for you to talk. Your brain will ignore the information and just hear sound. Instead listen, and say “Thank you, I’ll add that to my understanding”

Think and Say Life is happening “FOR Me” rather than life is happening “TO Me”. “To Me” is a punishment while “For Me” is a reward, it means there is a benefit, something good which Ninja thought to be on the look out for your benefits, opportunities and rewards.

Observe people with greater accomplishments not as better than you, (this creates an inferiority complex), see those people with greater accomplishments as just proving something is humanly possible, so you as a human can also do it or achieve it. Also recognize your greatness and acknowledge that there are people who see you as someone to look up to in certain areas.

Cheers Jamie Honey