Are you frustrated because you’ve struggled to change certain aspects of your life and you just can’t figure it out? It just feels too hard and it’s just too much of a struggle?

Do you hope to one day be surrounded by people that stop telling you what you should and shouldn’t do? And just start loving you for who you are and those innate abilities that you have inside of you?

Do you know that what you say to yourself in your head,

the things like, "I'm not good enough"?
What … Who am I to be great? Or why do I deserve this? Or why do I deserve to be prosperous or healthy or wealthy?” Do you know that those things that you say to yourself in your head are not true? What if you had a friend that talked to you the way that you talk to yourself? Would you keep that friend around? And what if we could in a really systemized way change the way you believe about yourself? And change those thoughts by actually working deeper on a deeper level than the actual beliefs themselves. What if we could actually cut down deep to the core values of who you are and cut down that ugly tree that’s become your life? And grow a much more prosperous, healthy and wealthy, happy you. I know you can even get more success. My name is Amy Honey. Lean on my belief in you until you believe in yourself.

Take The Honey Dare!

Do you DARE?

To live your life in  TRUTH, INTEGRITY and FUN?

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