Hi I’m Amy Honey.

I’m Jamie Honey.

We are here doing this video for two reasons. The first reason is to explain …

Da, da, da. If you look at the sign up here, it’s Welcome to Death Valley. It was a life and death situation. Bum, bum, bum, bum.

It was. I got attacked by a dog on Monday, it was six days ago, and it was a Great Dane. Two reasons for this video. Number one is what I learned from getting attacked by a dog, and number two, what happened, because people are asking me left and right, what happened, how did it happen, what’s happening to the dog, all that stuff. We’re going to go into that in a minute.

That’s right and there’s also one other thing that we’re out here in Death Valley or on the outskirts of it because tonight’s a full moon and I don’t know if Amy’s going to become a werewolf or not, so I thought I should bring us out into the wilderness just in case.

He’s really holding out for that hope that I could possibly become a werewolf and have supernatural powers.

Yes. I may have watched a movie or two. I may have watched a movie or two too much but …

What I want to talk about is beliefs and belief systems.

That’s right.

That we all have beliefs and some of them are hidden and some of them aren’t. I had one of my own beliefs smack me dead in the face this week and the bite is very painful. What I learned is that you cannot close up a dog bite, you have to let the infection come out.

Yeah, the bite, when it first happened, blood everywhere. All the way through to the bone on the elbow joint, so of course we’re highly concerned about tendon damage and mobility, but of course we stayed focused on let’s not presume that. Let’s go get an expert, a professional to look at it and definitely take care of us and tell us what we need.

I was a little concerned because when I first looked at, it looked like tendon was hanging out of the arm and I couldn’t look at it after I looked at it initially. I didn’t want to say it out loud because I didn’t want to bring it into existence because that would be, like, worst case scenario. What we always talk about is don’t go into worst case scenario. Don’t go into what could have happened.

I could sit here and go, “I could have lost my arm. I could have lost mobility. It could have been my face. Could have been all these things,” right? It really could have been so much worse, but I don’t even want to go there because it didn’t happen. I’m okay, you know? I didn’t need any surgery. Yes, it’s super painful. Yes, I’m having to change bandages three times a day.

Basically, quick recap. Something happens, we don’t want to go into the storyline of all the possibilities that could have gone wrong. What we have to do is find out exactly what’s happening first, and then move from there. The possibilities are, “Hey, you could have got magical powers. I saw it in a movie once when a magical …”

I could have become a werewolf.

There are multiple possibilities, but we create stories in our mind. The first thing we had to do, rush to medical center and find out exactly what’s happening.

It literally took everything I had in my brain not to go there. Jamie was there with me the whole time. He even ran out of the house with no shoes on, and he was there just like, “Okay, we’re going to find out. It’s going to be okay.” Just, moving forward, moving forward, moving forward through it.

Let’s find out what’s happened, officially. We know you’ve bene bitten by a dog, let’s find out how bad. Let’s find out what the damage is. Let’s find out the facts, and then let’s focus on with these facts, what can we do?

What can we do?

I mean, and it was a high stressed siutation. We’ll talk about this in another moment too, how we have emotions within the body and how we create justifications external to us to deal with those emotions. That’s something else we’re going to talk about.

That’s another thing, I could have gone into blame and all these other things, right?


But, we didn’t. What ended up happening was I got to the doctor. We cleaned it up, they bandaged it, they told me what to do. They got me on antibiotics so that I wouldn’t get an infection. I got to my other doctor today, or yesterday, or couple days ago, anyway. It was good. Then what happened about two days later was I got this really intense sadness about it, because the thing for me is that I love animals so much.

She thinks she’s Snow White. I mean, when we owned property in Washington …

I’m pretty sure I am.

She thinks she can walk into the wilderness and go, “Ahh.”

Birds will land and chipmunks will run up my shoulder and sit on my shoulder.

Give little nibbles, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

It was a belief about myself that I had about animals that …

What was the belief that you had about people getting bit by dogs?

I had a belief that … This is horrible. This is almost embarrassing to admit.

Say it.

I know. I had a belief …

Truth, integrity, fun. That’s what we’re living for.

That’s right.

Go, truth.

Truth, so the truth is I realized that I had a belief that I felt like when people got bit by a dog, that the dog could sense whether a person was a good person or a bad person, and that the dog wouldn’t bite a good person. That people that got bit deserved it. Like, maybe the dog sensed something in them and …

The belief is that if a dog bit someone, that person deserved it for some reason.

For some reason, or …

Now do you still hold that belief?

No. Jamie’s trying to hold onto it, though.

I’m not willing to give it up yet. I think … No, but now we have to modify.

It was devastating to me because this was a dog I knew and liked. It was our neighbor’s dog, and so it was devastating me. I thought I had a good relationship with the dog and I was like, “Why did he bite me?” It really hurt my feelings so I really took it personally. Let me go into really quickly what happened with the dog. I know this video’s going a little long, but we’re going to do it a little long today because it’s a little bit more than a normal one.

Sometimes when an emotional experience happens, you have a big long story to say about it. That’s what we’ve learned.

That’s what we’ve learned. Anyways, so what happened with the dog? Everybody was like, “Did you put the dog down?” No. I could never ask somebody to get rid of their dog. This was her baby and it was a Great Dane so his head was like this big. Anyway, he’s adorable. He’s a sweet dog. I love him. I’ve actually, I’ve known him, I’ve petted him, but I hadn’t seen him for a couple months. What we think happened is that the dog was a rescue. He’d been abused, and I was holding newspapers and stuff in my hand when he came to greet me, and I turned away from him because he was jumping up to kiss me, then all of a sudden he just went, “Rawr,” and grabbed my arm.

Well, bit into your arm.

Bit into my arm.

With his teeth, big teeth.

Very big teeth, yeah, all the way to the bone. All we asked was for this neighbor, because she asked me the tough question, and this lady stepped up so big. She paid for all my medical bills, she took care of everything. She actually asked me, “Do you want me to get rid of my dog and do you want me to move?” I said, “No, I couldn’t ask you to do that, but just muzzle the dog when he’s on property and go take him to a dog psychologist or the [crossstalk 00:07:30].

Basically, something happened. What are the action steps you can do so this situation doesn’t happened again? That’s what we asked of her to do. Said, “Okay, we can’t go back and change the dog, but we can pay for the medical bills, we can make sure the dog gets training, we can make sure the dog is muzzled.” There are things we can do so this circumstance doesn’t happen again.

Or to somebody else.

We also learned that at times, there are unpleasant and just shitty situations that happen. It’s not necessary in that emotional state to point out at other people. You just have to deal with the moment and move onto the next.

As crappy as it was for me, it was crappy for her too.

Yeah, absolutely.

She was devastated. Her baby, she was devastated. She was devastated that it happened to me. She was devastated that her dog did that.

She was in shock. Amy was in shock. I was in shock. It was a shocking thing. The takeaways from this are sometimes you got to challenge to the belief structures that you’ve lived with constantly, your whole life. Another thing is, when something bad happens, again, you got to go to what can I do? What do I want? What do I want? What can I do?

What are the facts about it, not the story?

Getting professional support of the information for you to work from. Us just deciding what was wrong with the elbow wasn’t adequate. We had to get a professional, a doctor. Now, that’s the same way in your own life with your success, your own strategies. You know, you have to have a coach. If you don’t have everything going for you in your life, like, there’s free online coaches, information videos, there’s coaches you can pay money to. When you invest in something, you’re investing in yourself. That’s a good thing to do.


That’s some of the things we wanted you to be aware of that we learned through this experience that we’re sharing. I just want to give big shout out to our gentleman at the back here. We said it’d only be a couple of minutes for this video, and for him just to stand there, and he has not moved. That is a professional actor, all the way. Upstanding.

My name is Amy Honey and I want you to lean on my belief in you until you believe in yourself.

Jamie Honey, truth, integrity, fun. Let’s have more of that every day.

See you next time.

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