Good morning. Jamie Honey here, coming to you from Long Island, New York where it’s actually raining. It’s probably going to be an Uber trip this morning for me as opposed to a brisk walk. But what I want to talk about what’s that conversation you have when you wake up in the morning?

Oop, there goes a train. I hear that every day. Anyway what is the conversation you have with yourself when you wake up? Is it a positive conversation or a negative conversation? Because that conversation is like, today’s going to be a tough day or I’m not looking forward to this.

Or is oh, I’m excited. Today’s going to be the best day ever. Today’s going to be a great day.

What is that conversation? That conversation is a reflection of your belief.

Now if your belief is that something bad is going to happen or today’s not going to be a good day or you not worthy or any of those negative elements, you’re going to look for the evidence that that is correct.

Because as human beings we want to be correct. We have this natural survival instinct that our belief is correct. So if your belief though, is that something great’s going to happen, that you’re a wonderful person, great opportunities come to you all the time, that life is full of potentials then that belief is going to be echoed in the evidence that you see in your surroundings, your environment and your situations.

Like that guy, he believes he’s a great motorcycle driver. Anyway rider, driver, rider but this is what I want you to think about.

What are the conversations you’re having when you wake up because those conversations are a reflection on your beliefs and your beliefs is what’s going to drive the experiences that you have during your day?

So, this is Jamie Honey. Truth, integrity, fun. Let’s have more of it in our lives. Have a great day.

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